Friday, April 9, 2021

New Things at Labyrinth and Things You May Have Missed in the Last Few Weeks

The Initiative

This is a new, light-weight cooperative board game with unique elements of storytelling involved. 

Aquatica: Cold Waters

The new expansion to Aquatica is here!

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Blades & Blasters: Bestiary and Rulebook

Check out this super cool book for transitioning from fantasty to scifi fantasy in 5e!

Pathfinder Bestiary 3

Check out this great set of fantastical monsters and creatures for one of the most popular tabletop games of all time!

Nightroot Maze

This cool mini dungeon crawl is compatible with multiple systems and was created by local author, creator, and Labyrinth Alum, Camilla Greer. This is an extremely limited run and the copies are numbered and signed by the author, so grab your copy quickly. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for her other indie projects like Where the Wheat Grows Tall on which she is collaborating with the main creator, Evlyn Moreau. She is also a main contributor to another indie product we sell, The Demon Collective Vol. 1

Avengers Theory 11 Playing Cards

We now have fancy, Avenger-themed playing cards!

Monster Expedition

This is a fun, push-your-luck game that continues within the world of Carnival of Monsters, another great game. In the game you roll dice to determine how many points you have to spend on taming monsters or capturing and caging monsters. Be sure to check it out on our webstore.

Umbra Via

This is an interesting bidding game mixed with tile-laying. Players are vying for control of the pathway on the board in order to retrieve soul tokens from their color board by closing off pathways; however, they have to bid for the direction the pathway takes next. Check it out on our webstore.

M21 Challenger Decks

The 2021 Magic the Gathering Challenger Decks are out and are looking super fun, especially for anyone trying to get into standard on a budget. See which one suits your playstyle by checking them out on our website!

Stuffed Fables: Oh Brother!

The newest expansion to Stuffed Fables is here!

The Whatnot Cabinet

This is a very simple and cute set collection game for 1-4 players. For more details, look at the listing on our website.

Block Chain

These different sets of puzzles provide various challenges for the individual puzzler looking to try something new.

Reprint: Ginkgopolis 

This is a game of hand management and tile-placement to a degree; however, in the game, players pay down a card in the city simultaneously, then pass their hand to the left, so it requires some planning ahead to avoid giving your opponents an easy play.

Food Chain Island

Food Chain Island is a great solitaire card game from Button Shy in which the solo player attempts to reduce a 16 card grid down to one card by having bigger animals eat smaller animals in the food chain. It is a great brain teaser game to carry around and use for a brain break from work.

Maiden in the Forest

This wallet game from Button Shy is an 18-card solitaire puzzle game that uses some pattern recognition as well. 

Skulls of Sedlec

This is an interesting wallet game from Button Shy in which 2-3 players are novice monks attempting to assist with clearing space in the graveyards by digging up current graves and retrieving skulls to arrange in a more economical crypt. 

Fairy Tale Inn

This is a super fun twist on the Connect 4 style sequencing game, except a bit trickier and a lot prettier! In this two-player game, players each sit on one side of the upright grid and take turns placing one of the available fairy tale character tiles in the grid. Each fairy tale character has a different ability or effect when they are played or when they are scored at the end of the game, and when three columns are full the game ends. We've really been enjoying this one here at the store!

Candlekeep Mysteries!

The awesome new Dungeons & Dragons source book is here. This book contains several new one-shot adventures that all take place in or involve libraries in one form or another. This also happens to contain the first wheelchair accessible adventure, so it is an especially appreciated expansion to the most popular roleplaying game.


Secret Squad

This is a zany new party game in which you'll frantically try to deduce who is friend and who is foe.

Shifting Stones

This is a great mix of visual puzzler and strategy in which you'll try to score certain patterns by shifting and flipping stones; however, your opponents' might shift things out of your favor.


Dominant Species: Marine

Help your chosen species become the most dominant in this crunchy, strategy game of action selection.


Check out this funky, new storytelling game from Cranio!


So many new miniatures came in recently!

Star Wars X-Wing Expansions

Check out these two new X-Wing expansions!


Challenge yourself with these new, higher piece count puzzles!

Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 Super Race Set

This freshly stocked Q-Ba-Maze set comes with 44 cubes, 1 Marble Vortex, 8 Straight-Away Rails, 1 Turbo Launcher, 1 Finish Line Loop and 12 painted steel marbles.

Restock Alert: LEGO Architecture Tokyo

This gorgeous LEGO Architecture set when built depicts the beautiful, modern city of Tokyo. This is definitely a more challenging set, so it is recommended for experienced LEGO builders.

Restock Alert: Arboretum

Arboretum is back in stock! The angry tree, card game is a beloved choice among several of our staffers.

Restock Alert: Parks

Parks is back in stock at Labyrinth! This is a gorgeous game that is all about celebrating our National Parks and all their natural beauty.

Restock Alert: Chess and Backgammon Sets

We got more chess sets in as well as backgammon sets. Check out these beautiful additions to our selection more closely on our webstore.

Monday, March 15, 2021

So Many New and Pretty Products From the Past Two Weeks...Plus, Cherry Blossom Festival! 03/15/2021

We received so many gorgeous new products this past couple weeks, including new metal dice, new resin dice, a big pallet of Haba with several new games, some new chess books, and some important new titles. In addition to all these amazing things, our window display for the impending Cherry Blossom Festival is just about finished. Feel free to stop by and take a picture with our blossoming window, tagging us and using the hashtag #LabyrinthInBloom when you do. 

Hymgho Metal and Resin Dice

We received a whole lot of new metal and resin dice from Hymgho, and they are absolutely gorgeous. We even received a couple metal d100s that are like mini cannonballs. Check them out on our webstore. 

Role 4 Initiative Dice

We received several 15 piece dice sets from Role 4 Initiative that contain everything you'll need for a session of D&D, so be sure to look over them on our store site. 

Cancer Awareness 7-Set of Dice

This lovely set from Sirius Dice is multicolored to represent awareness for the different types of cancer afflicting patients. Each of the dice have tiny ribbons inside their resin forms to further elevate their message of unity in the fight against cancer.  

Rhino Hero: Super Battle

Rhino Hero Super Battle is a super fun game in which Rhino Hero and all of his rival super heroes battle it out. The wobbly stacked skyscraper is bigger than ever before and players will have to contend with three extra super heroes moving about and causing tremors in their construction. 

Unicorn Glitterluck 3-Part Puzzle

This adorable puzzle set is based on the art of Unicorn Glitterluck, a wonderful set of kids' games, and this puzzle set contains a 12 piece, 15 piece, and 18 piece puzzle all in one box. 

Animal Upon Animal: Small Yet Great

This tiny version of Animal Upon Animal will test your fine motor skills as you go head to head trying to stack animals the best. The roll of the die determines how many animals are to be stacked, as well as who will be stacking them and where, while the adorable animeeples are deceptively friendly looking. 

Chromatix Building Blocks

This is a colorful 3D arranging game that comes with challenge cards as well as sturdily crafted wooden blocks. 

Magical Pyramids

This lovely set of wooden triangles and board is a fantastic way for young children to express creativity by making whatever patterns they wish to or it's a great chance for them to pratice memory and visual relations with the premade pattern cards included in the set. 

My Very First Game: Tidy Up

This is an adorable addition to the My Very First Game series in which players must help Tiptop to put all of his toys away in the correct spot on his toy shelf because it's dinner time. Young players will not only learn how to clean up; they'll also practice fine motor skills, spatial relations, and speech. 

Hubelino: Mini Building Box 45 Pieces and Marble 12 Piece Set

"The Mini Building Box is Hubelino‘s smallest marble run kit. The brick selection is optimized for creating compact marble runs. The set is an intuitive introduction to the Hubelino system containing everything you need to get started: a base plate, building blocks, marbles and a booklet with sample tracks and instructions.The set comes in a solid cardboard carrying case with partitions for storing your bricks and carrying them to play everywhere you go. Suitable for ages 4+. Especially intriguing for master builders ages 8-12 years." (Haba, USA) The marble 12 pack comes with 12 wonderfully colorful marbles for the Hubelino marble run. 

Town Maze Magnetic Game

This is a fun, fine-motor control toy. It's a great way to keep kids occupied in the car as it has a plastic cover for the pieces and the magnetic wand is attached by a string. Using the wand, children guide metal balls to the proper garage while avoiding road blocks.

My First Carcassonne 

My First Carcassone is a simplified version of the original Carcassone that limits the number of options available when laying tiles in order to make the game accessible for younger ages. It's a great first tile-laying game perfect for introducing your kids to gaming.

Get Up For Pup

In this game for kids 2+ , players will give bones to all the good puppies and learn a lot about how to play games. This is a great game for getting the kids to get out the wiggles while enjoying the really cute theme.

Hoppin' to the Show

Help the bunnies find their tickets and seats before the magic show begins! Hoppin' to the Show is a cute, cooperative game for kids 4 and up. 

Stories of the Three Coins 

This is a fun, story-telling game in which you must all work together to reach the happiest ending before you run out of ink with which to write your collective story. The game also contains an element of chance in it, as at each juncture of the story the current story teller has three possible next plot points. The story teller whose turn it is must place one coin on each possible plot point card face down. One coin has a book on it, one a single ink drop, and one has two ink drops. The story teller must try to guess which plot point the other players are going to vote for and hope that they don't end up voting for one of the cards with an ink drop coin, otherwise that much ink is lost in the process. 


The Key: Sabatoge at Lucky Llama Land

"A series of sabotages has shocked Lucky Llama Land! Multiple attractions at the theme park were tampered with. Players start their investigations and combine clues about the days of the crimes, perpetrators, tools, and crime scenes. They need to generate the right number code and use the key to put the saboteurs behind bars. In the end, it’s not necessarily the fastest investigator who wins the game, but the most efficient one." (Haba, USA)

Dice Throne Season One Rerolled: Treant vs Ninja

We recently received all the other Dice Throne Season 1 Rerolled packs recently, and now Treant vs. Ninja is in stock, so be sure to pick it up.

Disney's Villainous: Despicable Plots

The latest in the Disney's Villainous series is here and contains three new villains to play as, including Gaston, Lady Tremaine, and the Horned King. 

Adventure Tactics: Dommiane's Tower

This brand new adventure game is perfect for players looking for a campaign, role-playing game in box that is easily contained. You'll get to choose your class, work together, level up and specialize, and gain unique equipment and abilities as you work your way toward battling the evil Queen Dommiane.


Silk is a small pretty game that acts as a good introduction to area control and worker placement in which players attempt to maintain and manage their farm of silk worms.

The Red Cathedral

This is a mid-weight euro game in which players are working to build St. Basil's Cathedral in Russia; however, only one player's team of builders can win the Tsar's favor.

Paris: La Cité de la Lumière

This is a light-weight tile-laying game for two players in which you compete to place buildings as close to as many streetlights as you can in 19th century Paris.

Star Wars Legion Expansions

We've got a couple new Star Wars Legion expansions in, including the Separatist Specialists and the Republic Specialists. 

Fluxx: Martian

Learn what the rules are like on Mars in order to get the matching Keepers in Fluxx: Martian! Now in stock at Labyrinth. 

New Chess Books!

We received several new chess books, including another great one for kids, as well as a couple for adult players.

New Binders in Stock!

Check out these card binders we received!

Restock Alert: Terra Mystica

We recently received another copy of Terra Mystica; if you've been looking for a modern classic with a lot of complexity to offer, then check this one out.

Restock Alert: Caverna: Cave Farmers

Another crunchy, modern classic, Caverna: Cave Farmers is a complex resource management game and another favorite from designer, Uwe Rosenberg. It is now in stock at Labyrinth.

Restock Alert: Mystery Puzzles

We received a huge restock on our mystery puzzles. These great 1000 piece challenges contain a fun mystery to solve in each of them. Complete the puzzle to discover the clues you need!

Restock Alert: Coatl

The highly sought after Coatl is back in stock at Labyrinth!

Restock Alert: Lost Ruins of Arnak

Lost Ruins of Arnak is back and as full of adventure as ever.

Last but not least: check out our window display! We think it epitomizes DC in Springtime; what do you all think?