Saturday, September 7, 2013

New/Back This Week 9/3/13 to 9/9/13

by Becky "I <3 Leon" Topol

Let it be known throughout the land: the Android: Netrunner core set is finally back in stock! If you’ve been looking to get into this immensely popular living card game, or if you're already an avid player looking to supplement your deck, now's the time to come by and pick up the cards that started it all!

Paving the way for the upcoming release of the Theros set, Magic: the Gathering’s Heroes vs. Monsters Duel Decks have landed on our shelves. This set of two 60-card decks is your very first chance to get your hands on Theros cards, so if you’re excited about the possibilities of this Greek mythology-themed set, pick up the duel decks and try out the new additions before the rest of the Theros set is released! Each duel deck set contains ten rare cards and two mythic rares: a foil Polukranos and a foil Sun Titan, which was extremely popular in Magic 2012. It also comes with two deck boxes, two new creature tokens, a strategy insert, and a “learn to play" guide, making this a great buy for beginner or intermediate players looking to hone their skills!

For our younger gamers, a bunch of great skill-building games from Eeboo have come back into stock. Spinner games like Tea Party and Paper Doll Dress-Up focus on basic gaming skills and set collection, and Make a Pie! introduces kids to fractions in a fun, non-intimidating way. At some of our favorite teachers' requests, we also now have a great Learning to Tell Time game. If you want to lay the groundwork for important skills with the kids in your life, the adorably-illustrated high-quality games from Eeboo are a perfect choice!

We are super excited to now be carrying lots of gorgeous puzzles from French toymaker Djeco. Puzzles of all shapes and sizes are here, illustrating classic stories such as Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella. Aladdin, Pinocchio, knights, fairies, and castles are all displayed in soft pastel styles. Judy is in love with the 500-piece Unicorn Garden puzzle, with its artistic and elegant portrayal of maidens and unicorns cavorting in a garden. My personal favorite is probably Leon the Dragon, a huge floor puzzle with odd-shaped pieces that seem to combine a thousand different textures. Leon is extremely awesome, and Lea just put him together in our window display!

The Creacubes are also a super-cool twist on our traditional block puzzles. Like its predecessors, the Creacubes are puzzles made of blocks with each side showing a different picture. However, the Creacubes introduce a new twist in that some of the puzzles are different shapes, meaning that you can’t just assume that the result will be a square. With winding snakes and strutting roosters, the Creacubes are a whole new challenge!

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