Thursday, May 1, 2014

Learning Through Games: Tell Tale and Rory's Story Cubes

Summary: These two games challenge players to create a story using a limited set of picture prompts.

Number of Players: 1 or more
Rory's Story Cubes Picture

Recommended Age: 5+ for Tell Tale, 8+ for Rory's Story Cubes

Skills Addressed:
  • Sequence of events
  • Storytelling
  • Listening
  • Memory

Link to Learning:
  • Ask questions (e.g. "Does that connect to the rest of the story?" "How can we solve the story's problem?").
  • Tell the story without saying "and then."
  • Try giving students time to plan their part of the story, then challenge them to tell a story without time to prepare.
  • Focus on parts of speech, setting, exposition, or other parts of a narrative.
  • Have children act out their story.
  • Use pictures from a book the class has read.
  • Use photos from a field trip.
Tell Tale Picture

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