Friday, September 5, 2014

New Arrivals 9/2/2014 to 9/8/2014

by Alexander "Troll Decker" Smith

Being a Shadowrunner is a tough job, but the credits are good when you're making runs for high profile clients doing everything from corporate espionage to finding components for the neighborhood shaman. A cooperative deckbuilding game for 2-4 players, Shadowrun: Crossfire will toss you and your companions in a world of high-tech fantasy where you're just as likely to find a elf CEO as an ork who builds killbots. Take on different roles in the group such as a charismatic Face or a ruthless Street Samurai to get the job done and get paid before the drek hits the fan. Believe me chummer, you'll need all the guns, spells, connections and street savvy to survive this world of technology and magic.

Carve your path from press-ganged pirate to legendary swashbuckler in the new nautical adventure; Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Skull & Shackles. With almost 500 cards, you'll be able to play new character classes such as Gunslinger, Oracle, Swashbuckler, and Magus as you plunge into the depths of the intrigue surrounding the infamous chain of islands known as "the Shackles." A rich assortment of weapons, magic, friends, foes, and booty awaits you in your journey starting with the Wormwood Mutiny adventure. Fans of Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords will be pleasantly surprised with some returning faces but there is still plenty of surprise in store. Shuffle up and get adventurin', matey!

Smash Up is a game all about shoving different factions together, but with all the expansions that have come out, shoving all your decks in a shoe box has really been the only way to keep everything together up until now. For Pirate Ninjas and Plant Shapeshifters looking for something a bit more elegant to hold all your cards, Smash Up: The Big Geeky Box is for you! With space and dividers for all the current factions and space for more, this is THE storage solution for your Smash Up needs. Oh, did I mention that Wil Wheaton and his faction, 'Geeks', are in this box? Well, they are, and it's awesome.

Just in time for Talk like a Pirate Day, on September 19, we received not just one, but TWO pirate themed games this week. Navigate the seas and strike the delicate balance between plundering merchant ships with your pirates and sinking pirates with your Navy in Black Fleet. There are many ways to earn doubloons, but between the merchant, pirate and Navy ships under your control, you'll make the seas your own and spend your hard-earned (or hard-stolen) cash to buy upgrades for your ships. Make enough money and you'll be able to pay off the ransom for the governor's daughter and win! Strategy, treachery and the cool Caribbean breeze await you in Black Fleet! This one was broken out for the first time at last night's Board Game Night to rave reviews.

Use your wits and battle prowess in the latest Duel Decks, Duel Decks: Speed vs. Cunning! On the blazing steppe you must take what is yours through terror and strike fear into those who would oppose you and your clan. Face off between the quick and brutal Mardu Hordes and the wise disciples of the Jeskai Way. With many cool new cards and some old favorites, be sure not to miss these cool pre-constructed decks!

Tally ho, and onward to world domination from lofty heights in Zeppelin Attack! You're not the only megalomaniac in the skies, you'll have to square off against other zeppelins such as the nefarious 'Death's Head' or the strange 'Pineal.' Attack and defend with crazy power-ups such as a maniac mercenary monkey mechanic or boarding torpedoes! Be the criminal overlord you've always dreamed of being and crush your foes beneath your heel in Zeppelin Attack! Don't miss picking up this fun, quick game from our friends at local game company, Evil Hat Publishers.

Push your luck as you venture into the Bermuda Quadrangle to find the sunken treasure near the volcanic island Habanabi in Plucky Pilots. Players will roll custom dice sticks to navigate from island to island, but as they fly further towards the volcano, they will have less fuel to press on. Will you try to make it all the way to the volcanic island or play it safe with the gold that has washed up on the neighboring islands? Embark on your risky flight and grab all the treasure you can in this great introduction to "push your luck" style games! This has already been a big hit with the kids we've tried it with.

Make your own pirate stories and fairy tales by rolling wooden dice for plot points and elements and filling the story with your own imagination with Magic & Fairy-tale Dice and Pirate Adventure Dice! Nine wooden dice, six sides each...that's 46,656 different combinations! Not to mention that you can have the same faces showing and make totally different stories depending on order or how you want to connect the elements of the story. One story's sun could be another story's magical transformation, so there are near infinite tales to tell with these nifty dice.

Does a head plus a thunder cloud equal "brainstorm" or "weatherman?" Try to decipher the words or phrases being conveyed through symbols on dominoes in Word Dominoes! Score points by making correct guesses or by getting people to guess your word...but be careful, if it's too obvious and everyone guesses it right, you'll lose out on points. You'll be surprised at the number of different combinations you can make with 84 different images and mixed interpretations. We played this yesterday at our Capitol Hill Village game day, and everyone seemed to enjoy it a lot. It is better with more players.

Making your own games is a great way to spend an afternoon...and once you're done you get to play it! DIY Board Games has everything you need to personalize classic games like Ludo, Backgammon, Snakes and Ladders, Draughts and more. With tons of stickers, dice, boards and counters, you'll have a blast making beautiful games for the whole family to enjoy!

We have a lot of exciting things back in stock this week! Steam Park, Quantum and Star Realms have all been big hits and now that we have them back in stock, now is the time to grab them before they're gone again. We've really enjoyed building rides and attractions in Steam Park, but Quantum is back as well, so now you can become a master of the universe by exploiting probability itself! Toss the dice and run out your fleet in your quest for Quantum Cubes in this fun strategy game. Star Realms has been rocketing off the shelves lately, and it's no surprise given all the critical acclaim for this Magic: the Gathering pro-player designed deckbuilding game.

New demos added to our game library this week include: Word Dominoes, Plucky Pilots, Black Fleet, Hexago Continuo

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