Friday, October 31, 2014

New Arrivals 10/28/14 to 11/3/14

by Alexander "Bet on the Blue Camel" Smith

It is a gaming fact (at least according to us at Labyrinth) that the inclusion of camels makes any game better, so a game centered on camels has got to be good. Camel Up is a fun camel race betting game for up to eight players and the winner of the 2014 Spiel des Jahres (the Oscars of board games). Players take turns making bets on which of the five camels will make it the furthest in each leg of the race as well as which one will win overall. Placing too many bets or too early can be dangerous, but to get the best payouts, you have to pick out the winning camels first! This is a fabulous quick game with just the right amount of strategy added to the capriciousness of the camel race betting world. For anyone looking for a great game with entertaining mechanics and solid game play, look no further than Camel Up!

Pandemic: Contagion mixes up the tried and true Pandemic experience by having players take on the role of the virus, wiping out humanity rather than saving it. Each player has their own virus to mutate in different ways; will your virus incubate longer giving you more cards or will it spread like wildfire? Viruses that topple cities get special actions, but the World Health Organization is working to control the outbreak so you'll need to prepare and mutate into a more resilient strain beforehand. Pandemic: Contagion is a great way to shake things up with your Pandemic buddies or pass the gaming 'bug' to people new to gaming. Guaranteed to contain no actual diseases.

Munchkin: Loot Letter is a re-themed version of Love Letter by Seiji Kanai (one of our top selling games for the last year) for players less interested in winning the affections of the princess and more concerned with delicious, delicious loot! The game plays in minutes, but will keep you coming back for more and have you talking about how you were sure your friend had a Potted Plant when they really had the Turbonium Dragon! A great addition to any Munchkin collection or if you just want to play more Love Letter!

Think you have Set mastered? Think again! Set Dice kicks it up a notch by putting your favorite red, green, and purple shapes on dice. With many ways to play, you'll be able to decide if you want to make the most matches from all 42 dice or see who can use all their dice in a crossword-like grid. Set Dice is great fun that combines all the excitement of Set with the element of chance and will bring new life to brainy match-making!

Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men is here with all of your favorite mutants and masterminds in dice form. Mix, match, and outwit your opponents with this new expansion filled with loads of new characters and some returning favorites. With new abilities such as the heroic mechanic that will reward teamwork and more cards that care about villain/hero affiliations, there are new tricks for experienced and new players alike.

We've been excited about Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing for some time now, and now it is finally here! Call dragons and armies to your side to square off against your foes. Bolster your forces with arcane enchantments to customize your team and lead them into battle prepared for victory. What is really cool about these miniatures is that they can also be used in games of Dungeons and Dragons. Being a dragon is awesome, and D&D Attack Wing does a good job of capturing that magic, so take a look today!

Gearing up for the holidays, we've been receiving a lot of new things as well as some restocks. We have received quite a few items from local game company ThinkFun as well as bringing back Five Crowns. If you're looking for a new Zingo! or a cool rummy-style game, we have it here for you!

New demos added to our game library this week include: Camel Up, One Night Werewolf, Set Dice

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