Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Arrivals 1/13/15 to 1/19/15

by Alexander "Blob Overlord" Smith

Automobile isn't a new game, but we've recently got our hands on this cool economic game. You are an automobile factory developing new cars, building them and then putting them out on the market. Like actually building cars, there is a lot of moving pieces to this game, but the myriad of rules are all in the name of a very flavorful car-building game.

Finally a U.S. release for this fantastic tile-placing game! In Sanssouci you play a landscaper trying to fill the garden with pavilions and fountains. You won't always have everything you need, so you'll have to search the supply or use gardeners to fill in the gaps.

Here's another older economic game that is now back in stock at Labyrinth! Enter the world of airline stock trading in Airlines Europe! Designed by Alan R. Moon of Ticket to Ride fame, players must invest in or expand different airlines. You can never do both, so making sure your airlines are well situated before a predetermined scoring window is essential in the world of airline investing.

Machi Koro has been one of our favorite new games and the first expansion is out! Machi Koro: Harbor Expansion adds 13 new cards such as airports and seaports which will gain value based on the number of planes or ships they hold.

From the same designer and artist as Machi Koro, we now have Diamonsters! Diamonsters is a game where everyone starts with the same hand of cards and each player is trying to be the first to collect three of the same monster or get five diamonds. Each monster has a different value, so cheap monsters will be in high demand. This game for 2-6 players is easy to pick up but offers tons of strategy.

The Staufer Dynasty is a euro game where positioning is everything. You are accompanying the king, and over the course of five turns, you'll be performing actions such as sending envoys and taking seats of office in various regions. Based on where the king is, you might be spending more time performing otherwise simple tasks. History buffs and euro game lovers alike will enjoy The Staufer Dynasty.

Dino Dice is a push-your-luck dice game where you will try to find dinosaurs. A re-theme of the popular Zombie Dice, this game is sure to delight any dinosaur enthusiast.

Originally only available as a promotional item, the Artful Dodger for the Firefly board game is finally being sold as an expansion.

Star Realms: Crisis is the newest set of four expansions for Star RealmsFleets & Fortresses, Heroes, Bases & Battleships, and Events all add new cards which will expand your game of space warfare!

Pokémon Black & White Legendary Treasures is also back in stock.

Speaking of black and white, Domino sets are back in stock this week as well.

Games added to our demo library this week are: Heat, Diamonster, Machi Koro: The Harbour

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