Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Arrivals 2/17/2015 to 2/23/2015

by Alexander "Squished Fish" Smith

Kathleen went to Toy Fair in New York over President's Day weekend, and went a little crazy. We have a ton of new items (and new to us items) coming in. Stop by to check out all the new stuff.

First, Hot Tin Roof... This game came out last year, but Kathleen had a chance to try it while in New York, and it was really fun. In Hot Tin Roof you will create rooftop routes for cats to run across and become the top cat in the neighborhood. When you can unite two cats, you'll receive fish and tins, but as you use the crosswalks and patios controlled by your opponents, you'll have to pay a toll! Make use of your own network or tax your opponents in this game of cat and...well, more cats!

This last week, we've been having entirely way too much fun playing Squish, Squish, Fish. Is it the surprising amount of strategy trying to flip three different fish in a row? Is it the politicking of convincing others to not squish your fish, but those fish over there instead? Or is it the pure unbridled joy of smashing your friend's clay fish? Kathleen had very real problems holding in her laughter when she took a call playing this game, and if that's not a barometer of how fun this game is, I don't know what is.

Gold Ahoy! is an intriguing tile-placement strategy game for two players trying to control the most treasure chests. As you lay each tile, you'll be creating complex sandbars and oceans filled with treasures. If you can connect more 'entrances' to those winding sandbars and areas of ocean than your opponent, you'll take all the treasure for yourself! Create more pathways for yourself and give your opponent dead ends in this simple yet elegant strategy game.

Coconuts Duo is a game of tossing coconuts into baskets and taking them for your own. A dexterity game at its core, this game has more than a few curve balls in store for players in the form of magic cards which will force your opponent to redo their toss, use only their elbows, or even allow you to lay a card over your cups to protect them! This game plays two very well, but can expand to more players with additional copies.

Guess Who? is a classic deduction games that we're happy to now
offer. "Do they have glasses?" "Is their hair red?" "Do they have facial hair?" are all questions you'll hear as players try to narrow down possible characters and find out who their opponent has chosen and kept secret. This game has withstood the test of time and a great game to play with young ones.

Another classic that we now carry is none other than Hi-Ho! Cherry-O! This easy to understand cherry-picking game is a great tool for kids looking for a spinner game that works with number skills. Another classic, Hi-Ho! Cherry-O is sure to please.

Munchkin: Kobolds Ate My Baby adds all the humor of kobolds and baby-eating to Munchkin! Kobolds may bumble from time to ti-always, but they're (dis)organized and determined! If you want even more wackiness for your game of Munchkin, look no further! All Hail King Torg!

One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak  can be played by itself or used as an expansion for One Night Ultimate Werewolf. This version introduces many new roles to fill up your sleepy little werewolf-plagued village including a Paranormal Investigator, the Alpha Wolf, and the Village Idiot! Figure out who is who, or sow chaos while villagers point fingers at each other as they try to find the werewolf amongst them.

We've had a lot of things come back in a big restock extravaganza this week. Carcassonne and Balderdash are back with new boxes, and boy are we glad to have Carcassonne back after such a long time! Betrayal at House on the Hill is back once again from another of its mysterious and unexplainable absences. Imperial and Rebel forces alike have received reinforcements in the form of more available TIE  Advanceds, Fighters and Phantoms or E-Wings and Y-Wings. We have a few more starter boxes for the Avengers vs. X-Men and Uncanny X-Men Dicemasters sets, so if you've been looking to start playing or introduce a friend, now is the time. Finally, we have a single copy of Twilight Imperium available and the first person to claim it claims the universe itself! Well, the Twilight Imperium universe at least.

Games added to our demo library this week are: Gold Ahoy!, Hot Tin Roof, Deus, Fish, Fish, Squish!

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