Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Arrivals 2/3/2015 to 2/9/2015

by Alexander "Gondola!" Smith

Unify China and protect its people in Zhanguo! Players take the role of emissaries of the Emperor by deciding whether to use cards to construct defenses and infrastructure...or to use them to solidify their own power. Rack up influence while making sure not to have peasants rally against you in this game of defending the realm and looking out for your own interests.

Mad Quao is the successor to Quao with even more wacky rules to follow! Players will try to get rid of their hand as soon as the deck runs out while trying not to break the ever growing number of rules. Break a rule and you, along with everyone ranked lower than you, will take more cards. You're right to think that's unfair, but if you catch someone breaking a rule, you'll be immune. Go mad with power in Mad Quao! 

Follow the cycles of the moon in Sky Tango! Players take turns placing cards in stacks and when a stack is five cards tall, you score them. Animals can give you additional turns, and Eclipses can lock up a stack until the correct sun card is played. This game does a great job of combining beautiful cards and elegant rules.

It may sound like a tropical paradise, but Hawaii is a game of strategy and fierce competition. Players must develop their village by using scant resources to finance exploration trips and tiles to increase the value of their village. Balance different forms of currency as you provide for your people in this game of tropical development!

Have you ever played a game about the glass making industry? What about gondolas? Cross off two items from your board gaming bucket list with Murano! Players move gondolas around seven islands just off Venice and take whatever action is at their destination. You can move around gondolas at a price, but you'll need money to establish ownership of shops on the islands. Become the most accomplished glass merchant on these islands with the help of gondolas in Murano.

Meld victims, suspects, evidence, and scenes to find the culprit in Mystery Rummy!  The case files for Jack the Ripper, Murders in the Rue Morgue, Al Capone and the Chicago Underworld, Jekyll & Hyde, and Escape from Alcatraz are all available in this very flavorful Rummy game.

The Creative Whack Pack is a set of sixty-four cards designed to tackle writer's block, get you in a creative mood or just change the way you think. Each card has a new idea, illustration and short anecdote or explanation along with a prompt to get you going. This is an item we've had people asking about for a while now, and we're happy to finally have it available!

Whizizzle Phonics is a great card game for teaching phonics in a game similar to Uno. Match the sounds or change the vowels for the next player, first player to get rid of all their cards wins!

We have a number of returning favorites back in stock this week. Creature Clash, Do It Yourself Boardgames, and Wordie Wars have all found themselves back on our shelves. Make a silly creature such as the Crocmindillo (a mix of crocodile, flamingo and armadillo) in Creature Clash to beat your opponents or maybe try making your own game in Do It Yourself Boardgames. You could always try your hand at building words or spell checking in Wordie Wars, but I'll tell you now that Crocmindillo isn't actually a real word...we checked.

Also, back in stock are the White Mountain jigsaw puzzles and wrought-iron tavern puzzles, so if you've been looking for these puzzles, they're back! We have also expanded our selection of puzzle books. One of the most exciting new books we've received has to be Mazes & Labyrinths: Their History & Development; a book filled with illustrations and some mind-blowing historical mazes!

Games added to our demo library this week are: Whizizzle Phonics, Deus

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