Thursday, March 5, 2015

New Arrivals 2/24/2015 to 3/2/2015

by Alexander "Why can't I hold all these games?" Smith

We have so many new games this week, so take a look!

R by Seiji Kanai

Rivals Deckbuilding Game: Batman vs. Joker
Magic: the Gathering Duel Decks: Kiora vs. Elspeth

Yu-Gi-Oh: The Secret Forces Booster Packs
Star Wars X-Wing Scum & Villainy
Most Wanted
Star Wars X-Wing IG-2000
Star Wars X-Wing Star Viper
Star Wars X-Wing M3-R Interceptor
Star Trek Attack Wing I.R.W. Haakona
Star Trek Attack Wing Tholia One
Star Trek Attack Wing Ogla-Razik
Dungeon Petz
Dungeon Lords



Kanoodle Genius
Kanoodle Extreme

Village Port
The Game of 49
Epic Defenders
Eggs and Empires
Venus Pillow Puzzle
The Mysterious Balancing Nail Puzzle
Barrel Puzzle
Globe Puzzle

Fate RPG: The Secrets of Cats
Pathfinder Battles Iconic Heroes Miniatures

Tangram Tales
Cauldron Quest
Taxi Wildlife

Puzzle Battle
Bunny, Bunny, Moose, Moose
Tips Ahoy!
Robot Face Race
Rush Hour Shift

Jumbo Checkers Rug Game
Koala Caper
Tin Box Tiddly Winks
Rhyme Out!
Crash Cup Karambolage
Tic Tac Ku 
Frida's Fruit Fiesta Game 
Origami for Beginners
Paper Plane Origami
Family Road Trip: Box of Questions
License Plate Bingo

If you would like to learn more about any of our new games, stop by the store! We're always more than happy to tell you about any of the games we carry and help you find the games you love!

As for restock items we have:
Sequence States & Capitols
Doodle Dice

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game
Many Pomegranate Puzzles

Games added to our demo library this week are: Alchemists, Sansoucci, Cartagena, La Isla, Wanted, Game of 49, Bellz, Colorku, R, and Stratopolis

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