Thursday, April 9, 2015

International Tabletop Day at Labyrinth: A Carnival of Games (and Prizes)!

by Judy "I promise not to eat all the popcorn" Thomas

We are super excited for Tabletop Day this year at Labyrinth! This year, we're holding a "Carnival of Games", featuring all sorts of awesome activities for the whole family. You can check out the schedule here.

AND PRIZES. Also, there are prizes. Some super cool prizes that we are giving away and not at all keeping for ourselves because we are nice people who like our customers even though Judy really wants the Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary set because there are giraffes on some of the train cars and HOW COOL IS THAT! OMG! I mean, check this stuff out:

A HUGE thanks to Asmodee who decided to sponsor our event, and provide us with this wonderful bounty of goodness!

So, how might one acquire such prizes, you ask? Here's how:

Prizes are going to be sorted into similar bundles and we'll be holding drawings for each bundle. That way you can place your tickets into drawings for the prizes you want the most. You'll be able to get a ticket the following ways:

1) Register for the event on our Eventbrite page by 6pm Friday, 4/10/15. You do not have to regsiter to come, but it will get you an extra ticket!

2) Find Judy (the redhead) and show her that you like Labyrinth on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

3) Fill out a "sign up for our newsletter" slip and hand it to Judy (you know, the redhead?)

4) Post a picture of yourself having fun to Instagram with #LabyrinthDC and show it to Judy (who will at this point still continue to be a redhead). There's no limit how many pictures you can post for tickets. Blow up your Instagram feed with board game awesomeness!

5) Play a demo game! That's what you're here for, after all. Games! The kind person running the demo game will give you a ticket. There's no limit - play as many demos as you can!

6) Register for and play one of the RPG games. You can find D&D here, and Forsooth here. You will get the ticket from the GM when you start the game.

7) Check out and return a demo game to Justin (the guy with a beard). This option is only as space permits; you will need a free table at which to play.

8) Buy something! You'll earn one ticket for every $10 (pre-tax) of your purchase during the day on Saturday, April 11, as a thank-you for supporting your friendly local game store!

9) Play a carnival game! We'll have some fun dexterity games set up outside, including the Dragonfury game from the last Magic: the Gathering Prerelease!

10) Additional tickets are available for purchase from any Labyrinth staff member for $2/ea. Cash only, friend. All of the proceeds from additional ticket sales will go towards purchasing games for teachers and classrooms at local schools. 

Different demo tables might also have their own special giveaway promos (for example, you can get some Steve Jackson Games goodies from their demo table and Star Wars X-Wing promos a the X-Wing demo table). Additionally, there are some promos that will be available with purchase of certain products - like the Evolution promos, which are available with the purchase a copy of Evolution while supplies last. Look for the signs throughout the store that will inform you of anything special!

We'll draw winners in the evening, around 5 to 5:30pm. You will not have to be present! We'll call you; so make sure you put your phone number on your ticket. Please write legibly!

Here's a list of prizes that are available for the give-away raffle!

Love Letter: the Hobbit
Love Letter
Munchkin: Adventure Time
World of Tanks Rush & Play Mat
Werewolves of Miller's Hollow
Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary Edition
Ticket to Ride plus USA 1910 Expansion
Reverse Charades: Geek & Sundry Edition
Munchkin Hoodie: size XL
Kingdom Builder
Just Desserts
Geek Out: Tabletop Day Edition
Dead of Winter: Tabletop Day Edition
Dead of Winter Felicia Day Promo
Dead Man's Draw: Tabletop Day Edition
Dark Seas
Council of Verona plus zombie expansion plus Where Art Thou Romeo?
3x3 Concept Play Mat
Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia
Love Letter: Batman
7 Wonders Wil Wheaton Leader Card
Steve Jackson Games Swag Bag

** With an attempt at complete transparency, we would also like to mention that all volunteers and staff members will be getting 5 tickets that they can also put in bags.

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