Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Arrivals 3/24 to 3/30/15

by Alexander "Special Reserve" Smith

Brew Crafters has been a game that we've been waiting for a long time, and it's finally here. Local game designer Ben Rosset playtested this micro brew game in our store and shared this Agricola-esque craft brewing game with interested gamers. It is a slightly complex, worker placement game in which each player is tasked with building their own successful craft brewery. Like beer? Like games? This is the game for you!

Also available is Brew Crafters: the Travel Card Game, a portable game of hiring workers, installing equipment and brewing to gain reputation!

The long awaited Star Wars Armada miniatures game has arrived! Taking cues from the popular Star Wars X-Wing, Armada scales the fight to allow fleets of Capital class ships alongside squadrons of fighters. While you may notice some similarities to the dogfights of X-Wing, new mechanics such as the maneuver tool represent maneuverability at different speeds much better.

Another long awaited game, The Enchanted Tower won the Kinderspiele des Jahres (Kids' game of the year in Germany) in 2013, and it has finally reached the U.S. Find the hidden key and free the princess in The Enchanted Tower, a game for 2-4 kids. One player takes on the role of the evil sorcerer who hides the key to the tower under one of sixteen different spaces while the other players roll dice to determine how far both the hero and the sorcerer move around the board.

Dragons of Tarkir is the newest expansion for the popular Magic: the Gathering trading card game. In an alternate timeline where Dragonlords rule the plane of Tarkir rather than the non-dragon Khans from Khans of Tarkir. With new and returning mechanics, loads of new ways to play and a plethora of dragons that will leave you awe-struck, the new Dragons of Tarkir cards are a blast to play with.

We have some new Pokémon goodies in the form of the Legends of Kalos and Team Plasma tins! With cool EX Pokémon such as Yveltal EX, Xerneas EX, Deoxys EX and Thundurus EX, these tins are sure to power up your decks or be a jewel in your collection.

Back in stock this week is Euphoria, the die-based worker placement game where you have to make sure that your workers don't escape your futuristic dystopia.

New demos: Brew Crafters, Brew Crafters Travel Card Game

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