Sunday, April 5, 2015

New Arrivals 3/31/2015 to 4/6/2015

by Alexander "Kraft Tow Truck" Smith

How much do you know about animals all around the world? See for yourself in game designer Friedman Friese's Fauna! Players will have to guess the habitats of various animals as well as their weight, tail length, and more. If your guess is right, you'll score points! If you're wrong, you'll have fewer opportunities in the next round to guess. Fauna is a superb game for anyone interested in learning more about all their favorite animals.

Babylon is an extremely fast two player strategy game that only uses a set of twelve colored tablets. You may place a stack on top of another stack of the same size, or that share the same color top tablet. When you are unable to make a move, you lose! Babylon is a game that is very quick to pick up, but extremely satisfying to play over and over.

Dinosaur Escape is the newest cooperative boardgame for kids by Peacable Kingdom. In this game, you and your friends must escape the island before the volcano erupts! Players take turns moving dinosaur figures around the board and checking under ferns to find a token matching one of the dinosaurs in that area. Be careful, the T-Rex token scares all dinosaurs back to the start and each time you roll a volcano, you'll add another piece to the 3D volcano and be closer to its eruption.

Shark Bait is a wonderful hands-on game for kids three and up. Roll the die and feed your bait pieces to the shark and be the first to get rid of all your pieces. Sometimes you'll even need to reach in past those pearly white zipper teeth and grab certain pieces back, so watch out!

I Go! is a game where you must be the first to say that your hand is the best by making runs of numbers in one or two colors, matching a displayed card or having the lowest value cards. When you think your hand can beat everyone else, yell, "I go!" and see if you were right. Other players can use your cards to make their runs, so you'll have to watch what other people are building towards.

Want to turn a macaroni box into a tow truck? Or a can of chips into a helicopter? The Maker Studio sets by ThinkFun are a great way to add gears, winches, and propellers to everyday objects and turn them into something new! Each set adds new pieces to work with and you can use them together to make even more things.

Learn about ciphers, invisible messages and hidden codes in the Secret Decoder Deluxe Activity Set. With tons of activities and everything you need to learn how to crack basic codes, you'll solve problems and maybe even make a few for your friends to solve.

Also out this week are new expansions for Star Trek Attack Wing, Android: Netrunner and Warhammer 40,000: Conquest. Newly released for Star Trek Attack Wing are the I.S.S. Enterprise, Gornarus and Reklar. The Valley is the first datapack of the SanSan cycle, beginning the fourth cycle of Android: Netrunner Expansions. The Threat Beyond is the newest War Pack for Conquest, adding a new Inquisitor Warlord for the Astra Militarum faction as well as his personal squad and seventeen new cards.

New demos: Fauna, Babylon

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