Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Arrivals 4/7/2015 to 4/13/2015

by Alexander "the Hun" Smith

Attila is a quick two player puzzle game based on the "Knight's Tour" chess puzzles. On your turn, you will move one of your pieces in an L-shape to an open space, and place a scorched earth token on another empty space. If you can block off all moves for each of your opponent's three pieces, you win! Attila takes the simple mechanic of moving a knight in chess and turns it into a great two player strategy game.

Another chess-themed game we've received recently is All Queens
Chess. Move your six queens on a 5x5 board and try to get four in a row! In this game, Queens don't take pieces, but rather are used to move into position and block off your opponent. A mix between chess and Connect Four, All Queens Chess is another great example of taking chess strategy and making it into a great, fast two player game.

You'll have to be sneaky to score points in Wink. Whenever another player moves their pawn to a tile that matches a card in your hand, secretly wink at them to gain points. Be careful though, if other players catch you winking first, you get to steal their points. This game can play up to eight players, so you'll have to keep an eye out in this fun family party game!

Scuttle around the table with Crab Stack! In Crab Stack, you'll move your family of nine crabs around a board, hopping on the backs of others and trying not to get swept away by the current. Hop on the backs of other crabs to climb higher, because the more crabs you have trapped will mean fewer moves for you to make. This crab stacking game feels like Battle Sheep, another favorite of ours, but taken to a whole new dimension of fun.

Merchants & Marauders: Seas of Glory brings eleven new modules to spice up your game of trade and plunder on the Caribbean. New weapons, NPC upgrades, weather, locations, special treasure ships and more await in this new expansion.

Star Realms: Gambits adds special new Gambit cards which offer a hidden bonus effect that will shake up this galactic conflict deckbuilding game. Also new are scenarios that you can play solitaire or with friends. See if you and your friends can take on the Pirates of the Dark Star or Nemesis Beast with this cool new game mode!

Now back in stock at the store are Camel Up, Euphoria, Enigma and Equilibrio. The wildly popular 2014 Spiel des Jahres winner Camel Up is finally back. Camel racing has never been so much fun! Euphoria is an amazing dystopian worker-placement game where dice are your workers. You'll want smart workers, but if they're too competent, they'll run away. Enigma is another smart game where you'll solve puzzles and complete circuits to score points. Finally, Equilibrio is a four-in-one block puzzle where you'll arrange blocks to solve a series of challenges.

New demos: Crabstack, Wink, All Queens Chess, Attila

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