Friday, June 19, 2015

New Arrivals 6/16/2014 to 6/22/2014

by Alexander "Penguin Pistol" Smith

Pingo Pingo is a fast-paced game of grabbing treasure, avoiding danger, and shooting space penguins with a dart gun. This game comes with a soundtrack that will play as you explore this island, and you'll have to listen in because certain actions are limited by the music. You'll have to be quick to grab the treasure, but too many mistakes will leave you damaged and unable to haul back your loot. If you're looking for a very active game, Pingo Pingo is sure to please!

Touted as Ireland's royal boardgame, Tara is a tile-placement game where you are trying to create Celtic knots. With three games in one, you'll place down rings and connect them to form knots representing kingdoms or perhaps to create the largest number of separate loops. Strategic as it is beautiful, this game is certainly worth a try if you're looking for a good two-player abstract strategy game.

Boss Monster 2: The Next Level is a standalone expansion for classic videogame inspired card game, Boss Monster. Add this to your original copy or play it by itself and you'll encounter new heroes, more traps, monsters, and even new epic spells! Be the villain you've always dreamed of and make mighty heroes tremble at your name!

Snake Oil: Elixir is a wacky party game where players will take two words and try to market the resulting product to an imaginary customer. Think you can sell a caffeine permit? Or wagon grease? Which words can you jam together to make a product perfect for a teacher? Find out with your friends in Snake Oil: Elixir!

Diner is a real-time set collection game by local game designer, Matthew O'Malley, where you're a waiter at a greasy spoon restaurant looking to serve up order after order to customers and rake in all the tips. Players will give each other tokens in order to perform an action meaning that you might be able to chain consecutive actions. Fast-paced and enjoyable, Diner will leave you hungry for more.

Let me just say this; the Aerozipp Disk is AWESOME. Part frisbee, part human catapult, this is a great outdoor activity. Send the flexible disc whizzing for your friends to catch or play some disc golf.

Looking to amp up your game of wiffle ball? The Batapult is a fun way to speed up your swing by using a hinging bat that flips forward as you swing. Easy to use and fun to hit with, this sturdy plastic bat and soft foam ball make games at the park a home run!

Penny Drop is a great wooden, bar game where players try to get rid of pennies by rolling a die and placing their penny in the numbered slots. After you've placed your penny, you can press your luck and roll again to get rid of more, but if you roll the number of a slot that is already filled, you'll have to take back all the coins in the slots. The number six slot can never be filled because it drops the penny into the box, so even if your opponent has left you with five filled slots, you'll always have a chance.

We have have lots of new dice this week! Tons of novelty dice with animals, emoticons, foreign languages, and more! We have dice earrings as well, adding to our collection of cool boardgame-themed jewelry. We also have dice cups back in stock this week, so now is the perfect time to roll on down to your favorite friendly local game store!

Citadels and Slash are both back in stock this week, so if you're looking for some cool identity drafting or want the ultimate matchmaking game, come by and check out these great games!

New Demos: Anteater Antics, HABA Charades, HABA Who Am I?, Discworld Ankh-Morpork, Tara

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