Sunday, June 7, 2015

New Arrivals 6/2/2015 to 6/8/2015

by Alexander "Annoying Psychic" Smith

Armadöra is a game all about controlling several caches of dwarven gold, but in order to do so you must enlist the help of warriors, mages, orcs, elves and goblins! Each piece has a special action it can use to help you secure the precious gold, but because you lay them face-down, you'll have a hard time guessing if your opponents have an area locked up or if it's just a bluff.

Dragon Run is a press-your-luck game where you and your friends have successfully looted the dragon's hoard...almost. You still have to get out of there, and with a dragon hot on your heels, that's no easy task. Leverage your innate abilities to steal from others, make others discard or heal allies to walk out with more treasure than anyone else. Will you sneak out quietly, make a mad dash, give up some treasure or throw your friends to the dragon in order to escape?

The witching hour is here and it's up to us to trap poltergeists before they escape in Ghost Blaster! Players cooperate to find matching sets of ghosts in order to trap them, but the castle is filled with traps that could send unwary ghost hunters to the dungeon. Players can free their comrades, but in a race against the clock, you'll have to find the time to do so. Ghost Blaster is a fun cooperative dice game that is sure to have you coming back for more.

Super Genius Addition does for math what Spot It! did for matching pictures, and that's awesome. Players take cards from the equation deck and try to find the solution on a result card. Between any equation card and result cards, there is always exactly one correct answer. If you can find your combinations the fastest, you win! Like Spot It!, there are many ways to play. This is certainly a great way to practice your math skills. We also received Super Genius Multiplication and two variations for reading. These are perfect for avoiding summer brain drain!

Looking for more rare and powerful EX Pokémon? The Mega Absol EX Premium Collection is here with six booster packs, a pin, an exclusive coin, and copies of both Absol EX and Mega Absol EX. There's even an oversized card that looks Absol-utely gorgeous. 

Back in stock this week is Schmovie!  Schmovie is a fun party game where you'll have to come up with wacky names for movies based on bizarre mashups of genre and theme. What would a good name be for a Submarine Western be? "A Fistful of Depth Charges?" "Deep Noon?" See who can make the funniest titles and cleverest puns in this silver-screen extravaganza.

New Demos: Armadöra, Dragon Run, Ghost Blaster, Super Genius

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