Saturday, June 13, 2015

New Arrivals 6/9/2015 to 6/15/2015

by Alexander "Gazette" Smith

Witness is a cooperative game of sharing information in order to solve various crime scenarios. Each player is given one piece of information regarding the scenario, and each round they share that information with a fellow investigator. By the end of all the rounds, each player should have enough information to deduce the solution...if they can keep all their information in order. Illustrated with the charming aesthetic of the 1940's Blake and Mortimer comics by Edgar P. Jacobs, these quick four-person mysteries are perfect for aspiring gumshoes.

Spyfall is the long-awaited game of blending in and being purposefully obtuse in order to not give away too much information to the spy amongst your ranks. Each player is given a card with a location and a job... except the spy who will have to listen to others and speak generally until they end the round and guess where they are. Other players can also end the game and try to correctly guess who the spy is. Great for parties, Spyfall will have you catching shifty glances as you try read the room.

Hot off the presses it's Extra! Extra! In Extra! Extra! you'll send out journalists to find stories and pictures to fill your publication. Interview, typeset, find new stories and fill your paper with advertisements and classified ads. Nothing is more satisfying than filling your paper in a tetris-like fashion, and when all of your stories are topical for your type of publication, it's all the sweeter.

In Bring Out Yer Dead, you're on the hunt for premium grave sites for your fabulously wealthy family members who have passed away leaving you with an enormous fortune...but only if they're interred in the best places. Other would-be heirs are also in a similar situation, and there aren't enough plots for all of the ex-fabulously wealthy leaving you no choice but to desecrate tombs and send corpses down the river to open up space. Grim humor meets area control in this strategic grave robbing game. 

Chronicles is a trick-taking game by famous Love Letter designer, Seiji Kanai. Add allies to your side in order to gain fame and go down in the chronicle of history. Certain cards will affect cards of different factions, so disrupting your opponents by punishing their faction can be rewarding. Simple and strategic, Chronicles is yet another great game by this Japanese game designer.

Dragonwood is a game where you will use adventurers to strike, stomp, and scream at monsters in order to capture them. By discarding more cards in sets of matching colors, matching numbers or even a run of numbers you'll be able to roll more dice. Rolling more dice makes it easier to beat monsters, but make sure you don't run out of adventurers!

Bang! The Valley of Shadows is a new expansion for your favorite game of wild west shootouts. Play as one of eight new characters and take on new challenges in the form of rattlesnakes, bandidos and tornadoes as you walk though the Valley of Shadows. 

Back in stock this week is the Marvel Dice Masters Avengers vs. X-Men Starter Set, so if you've been looking for this hard to find item, now is your chance! Filled with all the base set character cards, character dice and action cards, this set has tons of stuff you can't find in booster packs!

New Demos: Tips Ahoy, Spin-a-Slice, Shark Bait, Don't Be Greedy, Mystery Dish Diner, Family Road Trip Box of Questions, Extra! Extra!

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