Sunday, October 18, 2015

New Arrivals 10/13/2015 to 10/19/2015

by Alexander "Steam Mogul" Smith

T.I.M.E Stories is a cooperative 'decksploring' game where you are charged with the duty of a time agent: to eliminate temporal anomalies by solving the mysteries of the past. Using Time Units will allow you to possess a host from the era and interact with the environment. As you navigate through the location, you'll uncover more information and possibly solve the mystery. While you likely won't solve everything the first time through, you'll be able to apply information you've learned from your previous encounters when you turn back time and start from the beginning again. For those looking for even more mystery, the supplemental T.I.M.E Stories: the Marcy Case adds another scenario to explore.

The Golden Ages is a civilization building game where you decide the future of your civilization's culture. Will you be known as having great armies or producing beautiful works of art? When you've sufficiently advanced your culture, you can begin a Golden Age where you decide which types of advancements earn points for each player. While the other players scramble to earn points in the category of your choosing, you'll earn money until your Golden Age is over.  

In Mission: Red Planet, you'll send steampunk astronauts to Mars in search of precious materials that will fuel the Victorian-era Earth. Players will secretly assign their astronauts to be sent to different locations to mine the valuable materials, but you'll have to be smart if you want to come out ahead. By sending your astronauts to a less bountiful region, they might be able to collect all the goods themselves while other players divvy up what appeared to be a more lucrative region. You'll also have secret actions and a hidden goal that will help you gain a competitive edge over your fellow gentlemen prospectors by messing with their plans.

Mistfall is a cooperative adventure card game for one to four adventurers. One of the biggest draws for this game is the amount of customization and variety offered to the players. Each character starts out with basic equipment and action cards, but these can change if you want your character to specialize in healing friends rather than slinging balls of fire. The adventures and board configuration change as well, using a randomization method that ensures players will never be doing the same thing twice.

Coup Rebellion G54 is the expanded version of one of our favorite secret identities games. Each player will begin with two identities which will give them particular powers additional to the shared basic powers. Players will take turns announcing which power they use throughout the game; however, bluffing about your powers may be beneficial. Other players can call your bluff, and if they do, you'll lose one of your identities. If you were telling the truth, they'll lose one of theirs. If you lose both identities, it's game over. With 25 possible identities, players have quite a few opportunities to take advantage using deception in this clever bluffing game.

One Night Revolution is a dystopian take on One Night Ultimate Werewolf. It is the eve of the revolution that will free the people from the uncaring government, but among the ranks of rebels hide a number of informants who will snub the uprising if given the chance. Using variable powers, each player will gain or manipulate information about the other players. By the end of the night, the players will have to decide who among them is the spy. Rebels will want to use logic and deduction to piece together who is who, but the informants might lead them down the wrong trail and cause confusion in the ranks.

The new Star Wars: the Force Awakens Metal Earth models are here. Assemble and display models from the newest Star Wars movie in your very own home! Fans of the series will be pleased to see the level of detail that has gone into the creation of Kyli Ren's Command Shuttle, the Special Forces TIE Fighter, Poe Dameron's X-Wing Fighter and the First Order Snowspeeder. 

New demos: Dragon Flame, Battle Merchants, Dead Men Tell No Tales, The Manhattan Project, Stratego, Go Ape!

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