Sunday, October 11, 2015

New Arrivals 10/4/2015 to 10/12/2015

by Alexander "Weird Ghost Dreams" Smith

Mysterium is a game for up to six psychic mediums who must interpret information given to them by a ghost who can only communicate though dream-like vision cards. Each medium must find a suspect, a location and a murder weapon, but their only clues are abstract images that they'll have to interpret. Could the floating islands connected by chains connect to the chain seen in the workshop? Or do they look enough like drain plugs to mean the bathroom? Use your psychic intuition to find meaning in this game of visions and unsolved murders.

Create your own mazes and challenge your friends in Maze Racers. You and a friend must each create a marble maze as quickly as you can using magnetic foam wall pieces. When you're done, swap the puzzles and see who can finish the other player's puzzle first. We opened this game as soon as we got it, and we haven't been able to put it down since.  You'll be impressed at good you'll become at creating puzzles on the fly!

Isle of Skye is a tile laying economy game where you are trying to amass wealth and create the best kingdom on the island. Each tile has various geographic features that you will have to match up with the rest of your tiles in order to place it in your kingdom, but that isn't the hardest part. Each round you'll put tiles up for other players to buy. You can charge as much as you'd like for a tile, but if the other would-be lords of the island decline to purchase them, you'll have to pay for them yourself. Isle of Skye is a great combination of tile placement and clever money management and definitely worth taking a look at.

Mottainai is a Japanese word that represents the concept of not wasting and fully using each object. It also happens to be a great game where you play as Buddhist monks running a gift shop for souvenirs made from materials of varying value. Heralded as the spiritual successor to Glory to Rome, this is a very clever game with a clean aesthetic and deep gameplay.

Meow is a simple bluffing game where you either you're Meow or you're not Meow. Each Meow will draw a card that will tell you if you are a Meow (cat) or a Not Meow (not a cat). Other Meows can accuse you of being a Not Meow, and if they're right, you're out. If they're wrong though, they'll be out. Sound interesting? Come and play it right meow!

Minuscule is a bug race betting game. Each round, players will select a number of different bugs to enter in the race and then bet on which bug will win. You'll have a hand full of action cards that can change the results of the race by helping or hindering certain types of bugs. Become the savviest gambler in this small bug race game.

Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn takes place in a world filled powerful beings called the Phoenixborn. As a Phoenixborn you will rally armies to fight against other Phoenixborn to absorb their power and become the sole protector of the world. You'll use cards and dice to represent units, spells and resources that will help you defeat your foes, making each game different from the last. With tons of powers and abilities to mix and match, the future of the Phoenixborn is for you to decide.

Cardline: Dinosaurs is THE game for dinosaur fans young and old. Each player is dealt a number of dinosaurs which they will have to arrange by either length or weight. Taking turns, you'll place one of your dinosaurs in the line and flip to the other side of the card to see if you have placed it correctly. If you have, it says, but if you didn't, it is removed and you'll draw a new card. The first player to successfully place all of their cards wins!
 Pandemic: Legacy is a game that is unique to each group playing it. Your team of specialists will unite again and again to cure global outbreaks before they wipe out humanity. Each time you pick up the game, actions that have been taken in previous games will bleed over into the next. Heroes can gain experience or become lost and diseases can mutate or be eradicated. This is a great twist to the classic Pandemic mechanics that you know and love.

Ultimate Werewolf: Inquisition takes a bit of a different approach to the classic game of figuring out who among the villagers is actually a werewolf. A group of inquisitors has come to the village to lend their expert werewolf removal services, but there's a problem; some of the inquisitors are werewolves themselves. Vote one which villager you think as a werewolf but be careful not to let the werewolf inquisitors throw you off the trail.

What's this? What's this? It's Munchkin: Nightmare Before Christmas! Play as a citizen from one of the various holiday towns collecting loot from Santa's bag. The Nightmare Before Christmas universe is filled with tons of monsters, curses and treasures that fit perfectly into Munchkin.

Istanbul: Mocha and Baksheesh introduces a new commodity to Istanbul; coffee! Corner the market on this valuable new product and earn valuable rubies. You'll also be able to gain a business advantage by bribing others to do your work for you. New locations, new goods, and new gameplay all await you in this new expansion.

The Game of Thrones LCG is back with a new edition, and it's better than ever! The new edition has two additional factions bringing the total to eight, and now you can create decks that cross factions. The updated rules clean up confusion surrounding timing issues and makes the game more accessible. Game of Thrones 2nd Edition takes the best parts from the original and creates a whole new gaming experience that new and returning players alike are sure to enjoy.

We've also received a slew of new items for our collectible games. The new High-Speed Riders set for Yu-Gi-Oh, Wave 19 for Star Trek: Attack Wing, and TWO pinewood box sets for Doomtown: Reloaded have all hit shelves this week. Star Trek: Attack Wing players will now be able to add the Delta Flyer, the R.I.S. Talvath, and the I.K.S. Rotarran to their fleets. Doomtown fans will be happy to hear that both the Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force and The Light Shineth pinewood box sets are both out at long last.

New demos: Mysterium, Maze Race

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