Sunday, November 1, 2015

New Arrivals 10/27/2015 to 11/2/2015

by Alexander "Mezmerize, Mezmerize, FANGS!" Smith

Fury of Dracula is a game where one player takes on the role of Count Dracula while up to four others play as vampire hunters. Dracula moves in secret, so the vampire hunters will have to work together to track and capture the dreaded vampire. We played this last Thursday and it ended up with Dracula (Tommy) narrowly escaping being cornered in C√°diz, Spain and then sucking all the blood out of Van Helsing (Kathleen) in a one-on-one fight.

Netrunner: Data & Destiny is the newest deluxe expansion for the Netrunner Living Card Game. This set features the NBN corporation faction as well as three new runner 'mini-factions'. I'm looking forward to making all sorts of new decks for the mini-factions, and I'll be happy to add some of the amazing new cards to my NBN  deck.

The Dungeons and Dragons: Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide adds a wealth of background about the Forgotten Realms setting, as well as exciting new character backgrounds and options.

Elder Sign: Gates of Arkham expands Elder Sign with eight new investigators, twenty locations, and new mechanics which will give the investigators lasting benefits in their search for the otherworldly.

End of the World: Wrath of the Gods and End of the World: Zombies set the stage for roleplaying in an apocalyptic world. The books has mechanics things such as scavenging and dealing with mental breakdowns... both of which become much more common in these trying times. Each one also comes with pre-built characters, scenarios and hooks to build your own story.

Monikers: Shmonikers is a 111 card expansion to the party game, Monikers. With new names for your friends to guess and more ideas for wacky rounds, this compliments the original extremely well.

We've received a massive amount of Top Trumps this past week, and it's amazing. We have editions for Ancient Egypt, Doctor Who, Space, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more! One of the Star Wars versions even comes with it's own Death Star tin!

Just in time, Dead of Winter is back in stock. Fend off zombies and work towards a common goal with other survivors as you work towards your own secret goal which might be at odds with the group's plans. This game has been incredibly popular, so grab it while you can!

New demos: Fury of Dracula

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