Saturday, June 25, 2016

New Arrivals 6/24/2016

By Alexander "Wait, Was There More Than One Stone Age?" Smith

Collect goods and build your own prehistoric settlement in My First Stone Age. This light eurogame puts 2-4 players in charge of gathering goods such as fish or pottery and then exchanging these goods to build their settlement. This game has been nominated to receive the Kinderspiel award, a prestigious German Children's Game of the Year award, and we think that it is a strong contender to win the award.

Bubblegumshoe is an Adventure Mystery role-playing game that emulates the quintessential high school movie experience. Try to fit in with the cool kids, recover stolen bikes, and find out  who is spreading vicious rumors about the homecoming queen with this unique role-playing experience.

Join a secretive government agency in their quest to save humanity with the Atomic Robo: Majestic 12 supplemental rule book. Judy has been running some really cool games of the Atomic Robo roleplaying game at the store, and we're looking forward to seeing how super secretive agents spice up the relative humdrum of action science.

Back in stock this week we have Euphoria. If you haven't checked out this really cool dystopian worker-placement dice game, give it a shot. It's one of Evan's favorites, and he thought we were crazy for not having in stock anymore.

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