Thursday, September 15, 2016

New Arrivals 9/15/2016

By Alexander "Fastball.exe" Smith

Rococo is a Euro deckbuilding card game for 2-5 players where your goal is to use employee cards to buy resources, create lavish decorations, and hire new employees. Picking the right employees is essential because not every employee is up for every task. At the end of seven rounds, you count up the prestige points gained from your employees, decorations, and clothing. This is the kind of game where you're given a lot of choices and you want to do them all, but can't. That's not a bad thing, though; it just means you'll want to play more!

Medici is a bidding game for 2-6 players designed by famous board game designer Reiner Knizia. Players take turns flipping over up to three commodity cards and begin bidding against opponents to secure the goods for themselves. Running out of money or filling your ship too early will keep you out of the bidding for future items, so make sure you don't get too greedy!

Baseball Highlights 2045 is a futuristic baseball game for 2 or 4 players that also has a solo mode. You don't need to like baseball or robots to like this game, but it certainly doesn't hurt. Players take turns playing cards to threaten runs or cancel your opponent's plays. After six rounds of this, you count up the cards you've used and buy new players. How you build your team is up to you, and will change how you play future rounds.

Loony Quest is a wacky adventure game for 2-5 players where you must draw pathways on a transparent sheet and see how the path you traced matches up against power-ups, treasures, and monsters on the various game boards. If you've played another one of our favorites, Doodle Quest, you'll know that having a good eye can be the difference between finding a pile of treasure and being beaten by monsters.

Castle Flutterstone is a 2-4 player dexterity game for kids. Fling cloth bats up to the different floors of the castle and move your pawn up the steps. First one to the top wins! We've really liked a lot of the other games by this game company, so we have high expectations for Castle Flutterstone.

For all you Magic: The Gathering fans out there, Duel Decks: Nissa vs. Ob Nixilis is here! These two 60-card decks are a great way to jump right into a game with a friend while experiencing the epic confrontation between two planeswalkers. Each deck has unique art versions of powerful cards such as Doom Blade and Crop Rotation, as well as alternate art versions of the titular planeswalkers, making the set very attractive to players looking to modify existing decks.

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