Wednesday, October 25, 2017

New Arrrivals and Restocks

We have a ton of highly anticipated new arrivals this week including the second season of Pandemic Legacy - on sale 10/26/17! It is recommended that you play Season 1 first if possible. It's not required, but there are story lines that will reference things that occur in the first game.

 For those who do not know, this is one of the most popular games currently on the market. It is a cooperative game that is fashioned after the super popular Pandemic, but in this game you play through a changing story and face new challenges with each game. Stop by and we can explain in further details. No spoilers allowed!

Lots of other highly anticipated new stuff, like Ex Libris, Clank in Space, a new expansion for Mystic Vale, new expansions for the LCGs Arkham Horror Card game and Game of Thrones Card game, and the long awaited Guns for Hire for the Star Wars X-Wing game!

Commander 2017 decks are back in stock for the time being. We didn't get a ton, so if you want one, come and get them quickly.

We received a restock of Tegu blocks, cute puzzles, and sticker books for kids.

Some really great items for early holiday shopping: 

We received a restock of the super cool new Lego robotics kit for younger children, Boost.

Amazingly cool, big boxes of fancy Pok√©mon. 

A new Carcassonne Big Box.

A restock of The Networks and Trekking the National Parks.

Restocks on Pub Quiz and puzzle books for kids and adults!

Just in time for Halloween, a restock of one of our favorite large group games, Mascarade. It can support up to 13 players.

There's a new gift pack for Magic: the Gathering that makes a perfect gift for someone you know who plays the game. 

We are definitely opening a copy of this one as a demo. Neat, 3D, abstract strategy game that supports up to 5 players.

Very beautiful, magnetic desk toy from Tegu. A perfect gift for the person that has everything, and suffers through long conference calls.

Speaking of which, we also got a huge restock of wooden puzzles. They make excellent holiday gifts. Start making your lists now. 

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