Thursday, November 30, 2017

What's New at Labyrinth: 11/29/2017

New Arrivals and Restocks: November 29th

A huge influx of stuff has arrived over the last week! Take a look:

Dominion: Nocturne

Indulge your inner creature of the night with Dominion: Nocturne! With over 500 new cards, it's sure to make any Dominion fan howl!

Time Stories: Estrella Drive


Time Police: get ready for your close-up. Something's rotten in 1980s Hollywood, and it's up to you to root it out. And...Action!

Legend of the Five Rings: The Chrysanthemum Throne

The fourth Dynasty Pack for the newly rereleased LOFR LCG! Be sure to pick it up in preparation for our upcoming tournament on December 9th!


 The new Fantasy Flight RPG, Genesys takes the Star Wars RPG system and ports it to be compatible with any setting you please. We also have new dice to go with it!

When I Dream

A lovely game of hints and dreams. A mix of Dixit and Dreams with some Codenames thrown in. Sure to be a hit at any holiday gathering!

Wasteland Express 

Even in the Mad Max future, people need deliveries! Build your Wasteland Delivery Company, brave bloodthirsty raiders, and keep driving.

Magic Maze 

The beloved staff favorite has returned! In this unique, real-time game of heist, the players must work together to move everything around--but without a word spoken! Huge fun.

Near and Far 

Another favorite has also returned! Brave adventurers wanted! In this spiritual successor to Above and Below, build your party, earn a reputation, and set out for wild frontiers! 

 Game of Thrones: Catan

Man the Wall! In this new stand-alone Catan game, the players take on the role of Commanders of the Night Watch, develop their townships in the Gift, and fight off the Wildlings. Do well and win the title of Lord Commander!

Civilization: A New Dawn

Lead your Civilization from darkness into the light of a New Dawn! Based on the beloved PC franchise, Civilization lets you take a people all the way from the Stone Age to the modern era, and beyond. Can you build a civilization to stand the test of time? 

Neil Patrick Harris Playing Cards

If you're looking for a stylish stocking-suffer, look no further. Designed with the help of popular actor--and magician--Neil Patrick Harris, not only are these cards gorgeous, but there's a hidden puzzle throughout the deck.

Catan Scenario: Santa Claus

Another excellent stocking suffer. A whole Catan scenario, conveniently contained within a Christmas card!


Transparent plastic building blocks, held together with magnets. A wonderful gift for anyone who likes to build or fidget.


Last but not least is Azul! One of Kathleen's new favorites, this highly strategic and gorgeous game has you competing to lay the greatest tile arrangements in Portugal! A wonderful gift.

That's all for this week. Look forward to next week as the Holiday Season begins in earnest!

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