Friday, December 1, 2017

Kid's D&D Session Report: A Sticky Situation, Welcome to the Dungeon, and The Sundrop Isles

This past Sunday, we celebrated the arrival of our newest adventurers from the Guild of Heroes. The Guild of Heroes is our ongoing D&D campaign for players as young as 9 and as old as 15. Over the day we had eighteen characters, some of them fully customized by their players with skills, spells, and stories of their choosing! The adventurers set out on three missions. Below are the reports from each of the DMs, Camilla, Joe, and Yoni.

The program was hugely popular, with another half dozen adventurers choosing to join the Guild, and almost immediately filling the sign-ups for Dec 10th. In response to that demand, we have opened up more games on Dec 31st, with registrations on Eventbrite here as usual.

DM Camilla - A Sticky Situation (The Isles of Niln)
The Isles of Niln
As winter began to set on the Isles of Niln, a group of adventurers set out from Fort Stonespur. They were Kafin the half-elf bard, Zealious Norixius the dragonborn wizard, and four elves: Zara the druid, Berrian the ranger, Theirastra the wizard, and Sauron, also a wizard. They trekked through the snow to the Sapwoods, where a small settlement of syrupers had called for aide to locate their missing comrades. After discussing the situation with those who remained, the party moved into the woods, seeking a handful of workers, as well as the merchant who ran the operation, the last to go missing along with two imperial soldiers. They followed a circling path that threaded from syrup tap to syrup tap.

In the forest, they encountered hostile wildlife, twig blights from the forest who were attacking those who were cutting it down. Though the creatures were weak, and aggressive, the party showed compassion towards them, including a bard who befriended a blight whose branches were adorned with recent sprouts and blossoms. Journeying deeper, the forest bore the same strange changes, with trees sprouting leaves, grass sticking up out of the still falling snow, and more. The corridor of snow-covered green wasn’t unoccupied though, and a swarm of small lizards fell upon the party, threading in between them with sticky threads trailing behind them. They defended themselves, and buried the fallen animals before making camp. Their investigations found another patch of green where the threads were numerous, and there were signs of something large being dragged away. During this hike, one wizard named Sauron took great interest in the threads, particularly as they froze overnight, and confirmed the strength of their sedative properties.

These tracks led the party to a remote hut, home of one Malzebrooke, a druid the syrupers mentioned during a previous conversation. The party’s druid approached alone, learning the elder druid had seen a fire giant pass through the woods, melting the snow and creating the false spring. She had discovered syrupers bound to trees in the amber, and recognized it as the natural defense of the Sapdragons, putting a name to the previous encounter. The Merchant Vylnon, once the missing number threatened the profit of his enterprise had come out, and threatened to kill her, refusing to listen to her explanation. Transforming into a dire bear, she chased them away, unfortunately taking refuge in the same cave where she had been tending to the comatose laborers.

The Wizard Theirastra put two trigger-happy soldiers into a magical slumber, saving the party a snowy and bolt ridden slog up to the hill-side cave where they had encamped. Once inside, the party was able to free those encased, and return them to their friends at the settlement. Vylnon, did not fare so well, his anger and aggression being returned with a gag. Freed from their servitude, the syrupers chose to return with the party, offering to help rebuild the ruins of Fort Stonespur.

DM Joe - Welcome To The Dungeon (Fort Stonespur, The Isles of Niln)

Joe pointing towards the battle
When the Guild’s new quartermaster, Argenta, heard rumors of magical artifacts under Fort Stonespur, she set off into the tunnels by herself. Days later, there was no sign of her and an emergency search party was assembled. The rogue Grasseater, druid Eldan Oakenheel, clerics Logan and Drawfinsitination (known to his friends as Draw), and wizards Caelyn and al’Zender set forth to explore the dark passages and rescue Argenta from whatever danger had befallen her.

Under Fort Stonespur, the party found the remnants of an ancient elvish fortress that fell to giant attacks more than a thousand years ago. Makeshift barricades and the remnants of the fortress armory still showed signs of the ancient battle. The floor was coated in dust, but Caelyn saw tracks from something (or someone) being dragged across it recently. Following the tracks into a crumbling great hall, the adventurers encountered some bizarre and misshapen creatures that appeared to be made of an ooze-like substance. The monsters were easily dispatched, but none of the group had ever encountered or heard of creatures like these.

In an old kitchen, the adventurers mostly found cobwebs and empty shelves, but they spotted a couple of bottles that Drawfinsitination was able to identify as healing potions. Unfortunately, nobody spotted the danger that was lurking above them. When most of the group walked into an old banquet hall and Logan made his way back to the great hall, they were set upon by the giant cave spiders that made those webs! Al’zender and Grasseater stood on the front lines and squashed several ravenous bugs, and Logan was entangled in webs, but bravely fought alone against one of the spiders until the rest of the party could lend their support.

Finally, the group found Argenta, who had been trapped in a malfunctioning magical shield and needed someone to retrieve the key to disarm the device. Argenta described the slimy creatures encountered earlier as “troglodytes” and said she suspected one of them of taking the piece she needed. When Caelyn used their magic to track down the missing key, everyone was drawn into battle with more troglodytes. The filthy ooze that spawned the troglodytes joined the battle, but Eldan used his powers to transform into a tiger and protect the rest of the group from the ooze. Just when Eldan seemed in danger of being consumed by acidic slime, the two wizards burned him free with their magic and Drawfinsitination finished the beast off with a mighty Guiding Bolt.

With the danger gone, Argenta was freed from her prison. Meanwhile, al’Zender and Caelyn identified the circle she had been trapped in as an ancient elvish teleportation circle, though the destination seemed to be broken or disabled. Fortunately, Logan made some progress in clearing out a massive staircase and finding a way deeper into the dungeon.

After being rescued, Argenta resumed her position as quartermaster of the Guild of Heroes. She offered to study any magical artifacts the heroes find on their quests, and even repair devices like the magic shield so they can be used to aid adventurers in the future.

DM Yoni (The Sundrop Isles)
Yoni mimicking a skeletal ogre
While sailing from Jotunheim to Niln to join the Guild of Heroes, the adventurers were captured by dwarf pirates. They awoke in a cell inside a cold stone dungeon. Escaping the cell, they explored parts of the dungeon, fighting numerous goblins, some dire rats, a few kobolds, and even a guard drake. They also fought their way through a chessboard with living stone statues. Badly bruised, they came upon the Dread Captain Bonebeard and his crew of skeletons. Acting swiftly, they managed to distract the pirates enough to escape, and set sail once more for Niln. Guild-related heroism awaits!

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