Monday, December 18, 2017

Kid's D&D Session Report 12/10 - The Alchemist's Repose, Welcome to the Dungeon Pt. 2

This past Sunday, we had another two fantastic sessions with our young adventurers. Many of them were returning members of the Guild of Heroes, with characters from our ongoing D&D campaign for players as young as 9 and as old as 15. We had two quests for the twelve heroes, run by our DMs Joe and Camilla.

Our next session on Dec 31st, has filled entirely, but on that afternoon signups will open for the following January 28th session, so stay tuned!

DM Camilla - The Alchemist's Repose (The Sundrop Isles)
Though the northern Isles of Niln run chilly this time of year, a party of six set out for the warmer Sundrop Isles, seeking a rare plant known as the Twilight Inkberry. They were the druid Zara, the clerics Dain Ironfoot and Waffles, two Rogues, Orryn and Grasseater, and Blackhorn O’Slay, a barbarian. The plan was rumored to have magical properties, and a few questions in a small port town led them through a jungle to a dark tunnel leading underground. Their guide told them that beneath the earth lay the lair of a forgotten alchemist who had previously cultivated the plant.

Investigating, they found two steel doors, engraved with arcane symbols. Inside, they were set upon by grasping vines which would bind and crush any who ventured further. The party worked together, experimenting before they discovered that the plants could be repelled with flame. Heading straight forwards, they discovered a magical barrier sealing off a library behind. Orryn discovered the barrier would disintegrate all it touched before cleverly determining how to deactivate it. As he investigated the rest of the party repelled a massive hammer-handed construct, wrought from iron. The machinery destroyed by a careful shot, they threw it into the barrier, fizzling it to nothing.

Further exploration led Waffles, Zara, and Orryn to a cave overtaken by myconids, a peaceful yet defensive species of fungal intelligence. Though some of the party leapt to attack, Blackhorn o’Slay led cooler heads to prevail, and the party secured passage through their territory, coming upon a workshop where one construct repaired another, explaining their apparent lack of controller. Further down the hallway past another hammer-handed foe, a poison-trapped door blocked their progress. Trying the same strategy as he used to bypass the magical barrier, Orryn began chipping away at the stone next to the doorway.

Others explored elsewhere, discovering a bedchamber covered in strange sweet-smelling flowers, with a sleeping figure beneath a bed of vines. Their efforts to remove him only resulted in an onslaught of debilitating pollen, while the clutching vines rebuffed even the strength of the Dragonborn cleric Waffles. A powerful explosion served to destroy the plants, but the rest of the contents of the room met the same fate.

Meanwhile, Dain began to clear the foyer of vines, creating a path for a speedy exit. Orryn and Zara created a small enough chink for the druid, shapeshifted to an ant, to crawl in, discovering the alchemist’s lab. Within were books and equipment, along with a cabinet where the Twilight Inkberry could be seen, just out of reach behind another magical barrier. When the switch in the library seen before was deactivated again, they snatched the plant, along with seeds and cultivation instructions they found, and set off, returning to the Guild with a little more than they expected!

DM Joe - Welcome to the Dungeon Pt. 2 (Fort Stonespur, The Isles of Niln)
Heroes from the Guild set out to explore more of the hallways under Fort Stonespur. With the stairs blocked by fallen rocks, they made a detour into a series of caverns, which turned out to be full of hostile kobolds. Aelin, Celena, and Rowan set off in one direction, battling hordes of kobolds in maze-like passages, while Al’Zander, Jeff, and Norixius took another path and crossed a treacherous bridge across a pit of scorpions, while winged kobolds attacked them from above and sorcerers threw wind and fire at them. Meeting up with each other at a massive doorway, Celena pried the lock open only to find a horribly mutated giant locked inside. The adventurers’ weapons seemed to have no effect on the monster, and in the end they were forced to flee past it into the elvish ruins. While Chicken, Al’Zander’s owl familiar, bravely sacrificed himself to distract the giant, the rest of the group escaped using an old teleportation circle similar to the one they found in a previous adventure.

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