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What's New At Labyrinth: 2/23/2018

What's New At Labyrinth: 2/23/2018

Another week, another selection of new and returning games at Labyrinth! Take a look:

Grimm Forest
 First off, we have this exciting and gorgeous new game. Grimm Forest is a hidden movement game wherein the players compete to collect resources and build the best house in a fairy-tale forest. Beware, for grim monsters lurk in the shadows! Gorgeous production quality combines with solid game design to produce a game that everyone should check out.

Trivial Pursuit: Classic Edition
The king of triva has returned! Trivial Pursuit: Classic Edition brings back the game you remember from your childhood, in a gorgeous, high-quality box. Hours of fun for friends and family!

Mobi & Mobi Kids 
Mobi is the fun math game in an adorable whale package. Each player holds a hand of number and operation tiles, and assembles them in a Scrabble-like fashion to creat equations. The first one to lay out all their numbers wins! Now comes in the Kids version.

Star Wars: Dawn of Rebellion 
Star Wars: Dawn of the Rebellion is an era sourcebook for the Star Wars RPG, allowing you to take your adventures into the early days of the Galactic Empire. The public supports the new regime, which ended the chaos of the late Republic and seems to have ushered in an age of peace and prosperity. But behind the scenes, the tyrany of the Empire has already created a nebulous opposition, slowly coalescing into a growing Galactic Rebellion. It is a time ripe for heroes--will you be one of them? 

Arkham Horror LCG: Black Stars Rise
The dread moment is nigh. Your investigators have pursued the echoes of Hastur from Arkham, crossed the sea to plumb the darkness of the Paris Catacombs, and now your fates draw you onward, inextorably, to the island monsastary of Mont St. Michel, through a raging storm. It will avail you naught. The black stars rise and you are doomed. Black Stars Rise will replace your Act deck with a second Agenda deck, the two representing the forces of both the pouring rain and rising seas, and the eldrich forces at work. A path to Carcosa will open. There lies your only hope. 

Game of Thrones: Catan
Back in stock for the first time since Christmas is Game of Thrones: Catan! Take on the roles of competing Commanders of the Night's Watch, cultivating your section of the land and fending off the Wildlings. The greatest amongst you will be named Lord-Commander. Seize victory!

4D Puzzles!
Also back in are our awsesome 4D Puzzles! Build layered puzzles showing the passage of time, capping them off with 3d models of landmarks. We have everything from historic Washington DC to Middle-Earth, so take a look!

Lego Mindstorms 
Lego Mindstorms is back! The ultimate gift for any Lego or robotics afictionado, the Lego Mindstorms kit allows you to construct and program your very own robot. A ton of fun for those looking for a challenging project.

And, finally, for those with a construction itch that Lego won't scratch, we have Magnetiles back in. These magnetic plastic shapes snap together to let you form anything you please. An excellent gift for any crafter.

That's all for this week. Be sure to check back next week as the fruits of Kathleen's trip to Toy Fair start to arrive!

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