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What's New at Labyrinth: 3/2/2018

What's New at Labyrinth: 3/2/2018

As foretold, Kathleen's return from Toy Fair has heralded a storm of new arrivals. Let's take a look:


Explore the post-atomic wasteland in this excellent boardgame adaptation of the beloved Fallout franchise. Each player takes on the role of an intrepid survivor, each competing to leave their mark on the wastelands they explore. A deep, engaging game of post-apocalypse survival and exploration.

The Great Dragon Race

The Great Dragon Race is an exciting venture for young gamers looking to branch-out into strategy. Each racer must ride their dragon through the course, dodging ballistae bolts. 

Animal Upon Animal: Crest Climbers & Memory Stacking

One of our most popular family games returns with two new skews! Animal Upon Animal: Crest Climbers takes you out of the jungle and into the treacherous Alps, while Memory Stacking introduces a new dimension of memory-based gameplay.

Smallworld: Power Packs #1 & #2 

Smallworld returns with two new boxes bursting with five expansions. Power Pack #1 collects Be Not Afraid and Spider's Web, while #2 collects Grand Dames, Royal Bonus, and Cursed! An excellent value (and shelf-space saver) for any fan of Smallworld!

Android Netrunner: Council of the Crest
The Kitara Cycle continues with Council of the Crest, adding new tools for corps and runners alike. Runners are more evasive than ever, while the Corps reach out with omnipresent educational programming. Which side will you take?

Wing It
Wing It is a game of extreme improvizational storytelling. Each player takes turns playing as the Judge, who will reveal a Situation that the players must solve. Using the resource cards you hold--for example, "Giraffe Leg-Warmers"--you must improvise a solution for this situation. The best story wins the round. A hilarous game for all ages.

A brightly colored puzzle game, Iquazu takes its players into the Land of Waterfalls, where foul beasts threaten your cache of gems. To protect your hoard, you've decided to hide them beneath the greatest waterfall of them all, the Iquazu! Compete for the grandest position for your own gems, but beware--the waters can be held back for only so long!

America's Favorite Quiz show returns, in board game form. Jeopardy brings the beloved trivia game into your own home. Fun for old fans and new players alike.

This That & Everything
This That & Everything is a high-speed freewheeling triva game for the quick thinking! Each round, a list of six items is revealed, and the players have sixty seconds to name as many of each as they can.

Happy Bunny
Happy Bunny is a game for the young gamers in our lives. The players all take turns carefully selecting carrots from the carrot patch. At the end, they compare carrots, and the one with the most delicious collection wins! For ages three and up.

Igloo Mania
For the fans of dexterity games like Jenga, Igloo Mania is a must-try. Each player takes turns removing blocks of ice from the igloo. Be careful, though--if you're careless, the igloo will collapse on you! The player with the sharpest eye and steadiest hand will claim victory.

Schnipp Schnapp
First released in 1900, Schnipp Schnapp has entertained five generations of players, and now it's here at Labyrinth. A game of speed, everyone takes turns playing animal cards around the watering hole in the center. As soon as two of one animal appears, the players must race to grab the crocodile, and claim all the cards around the watering hole! First one to claim all animals wins.

Memory Games
We've gotten in a new selection of memory games. Help teach your little one to remember animals, or even faces, with these matching games.

Chickyboom is a game of balance and risk for ages 4 and up. The players compete for a group of chickens, hay bales, and wagon wheels, precariously perched atop the barn. The player with the most pieces wins, but beware--take too much, and the whole barn will go CHICKYBOOM!

CONEX is an entry-level, card-based abstract strategy game. Carefully place your cards, matching corners and aim to claim the most points at the end. A great way to get younger gamers into abstract strategy.

 King of the Dice
From all-star publisher HABA comes a kingdom-management dice game. Players recruit citizens, construct buildings, and lead their kingdom to glory--or disaster. Light on words but long on fun, it's an excellent game for players of all ages.

Zero Down
Zero Down is a subtle cardgame of trading and strategy. Players swap cards, grouping cards by number and color. The goal is to cancel out these cards, bringing the total value of your hand to zero--but watch out! That trade that brings you closer to victory might be the one your opponent needed to seal the deal. 

Zoinx is a push-your-luck game of probability and wagers. Players take turns rolling the dice, while others bet on what they think the roll will be. You can keep rolling as long as you meet the target, but push your luck to far and you'll bust, with all the points going to those betting against you!

American Trivia: Family Edition
Along with our more grown-up additions to our trivia lineup, we have this educational new gem. American Trivia: Family Edition is just what it says, a perfect occasion for a family to get together and enjoy themselves while educating the younglings. Includes two separate levels of questions for different ages or skill levels. 

Dragon's Breath

A brand new game from beloved children's designer HABA, Dragon's Breath puts players in the shoes of young dragons scrambling for fallen gems. But you can only grab so many a turn! The dragon that collects the most wins.

Dragonshield Deck Shell 
For our card players, you'll be excited to see our gorgeous new Deck Shells from Dragonshield, each with a beautiful bit of art gracing the cover. Protect your deck in style!

Puzzlebox Astrology
12 unique ring puzzles, each themed after one of the astrological signs. An awesome gift for a friend, or yourself!

New Wood Puzzles
We've gotten in new wooden and ring puzzles, for you 3d puzzle enthusiasts. They make great gifts and desk ornaments.

New Regular Puzzles
We got in a whole bushel of gorgeous new puzzles, some of which are displayed here. Try some out on a cold night.

 New Science Shelf!
And finally, our brand-new, amazing science shelves! We have STEM kits ranging from circutry to chemistry to catapults. If you're looking for a fun and educational gift, look no further!

Whew! That was quite the list. Look back here next week for what's new at Labyrinth!

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