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What's New at Labyrinth: 3/9/18

What's New at Labyrinth: March 9th, 2018

The surge of spring arrivals continues! Look at it all!

Pelican Bay
Pelican Bay is a picturesque game of exploratory tile-laying. Players expand the beautiful archipelago by laying tiles, each vying to build the most attractive environment for the elusive Blue Pelicans. The player who attracts the most wins!

Untold is a narrative story adventure game, powered by Rory's Story Cubes. Using these story dice and decks of story cards, players are able to collaboratively construct a thrilling 5-part narrative in 60 minutes or less. Or, for the dedicated storytellers, you can string together multiple sessions into a grand, unified narrative in campaign mode. Excellent for young and old alike!

In the same team-based code-breaking vein as Codenames comes Decrypto. Each team has a set of code words, hidden from the other team. Each turn, a member of the team must use those code words to clue in their team to the objective numbers, while being vague enough that the enemy team cannot guess their code words. The wiliest cryptographer will win!

Shaky Manor 
Shaky Manor is a goofy dexterity puzzle race for all ages. In this haunted mansion, players race to jostle, jiggle, and slide their tiny pieces from room to room, trying to match the arrangement demanded by the objective card. Completing the objective first 

Follow is a rules-light story game about quests, journeys, missions, and how they affect the participants and their relationships. Your story might be one of the few dozen story seeds that take up half the book, or one of your own devising. This is the third game by designed Ben Robbins, and the simple straightforwards text and mechanics show the experience he's gained from previous titles Kingdom and Microscope.

Mystery Puzzles 
For lovers of puzzles both mental and tactile! Each of these mystery puzzles come with a mystery booklet and a puzzle. Assembling the puzzle will reveal a clue that the clever puzzler can use to unravel the mystery! Wonderful for these cold windy nights.

The Legend of Korra: Pro-Bending Arena 
Avatar was an instant classic of modern animation, and this game adaptation, Pro-Bending Arena, does not look to disappoint. Pro-Bending Arena is a competitive deckbuilding game where the players control two teams of athletes competing in a king-of-the-hill style competition. A strategic game of push and pull.

Pool Party 
Pool Party is a zany game of dexterity and fun in the vein of older classics like Hungry Hungry Hippos. The game takes place in a transparent plastic "pool", shaped like a bowl, suspended nearly a foot over the board by a spring! Each player competes to get all their divers inside the pool, jostling their opponents and sometimes tipping the whole pool out. 

Dungeons & Dragons: Character Binder 
Everyone who's played tabletop RPGs knows the struggle of keeping character sheets neat and organized. Equipment pages, spell lists, spell cards, magic item cheat gets messy! That's where this handy-dandy character binder comes to the rescue. It comes with insert pages for character sheets, notes, and spell cards.

New Wet Erase Markers! 
Slightly more prosaic, but still quite exciting is our new 6-pack of wet erase markers, replacing our old 4-packs. Two brand new colors to map or doodle with, orange and brown!

Blank is a customizable party game that will change with your group. The base game is quite simple--a fast-playing, fun card game where everyone races to get rid of their cards while navigating around a rapidly changing ruleset, a la Fluxx. The twist comes in with the many unfinished cards--at the end of each game, the winner wins the right to write in one of these cards! Over time, your game will evolve to be a reflection of your gaming crew. 

Constellations is a deep, engaging, and educational game about the real constellations that dot our sky. Players compete to assemble constellations, drawing cards that represent the different varieties of star that populate the universe. Each constellation requires a different combination to be assembled, and the assembled constellations must then be pieced into the patchwork heavens forming on the board. An excellent game for budding young astronomers or grizzled old gamers alike.

Blueprints is a dice-based construction game. Players take on the role of architects, each using various dice to physically build towers. Each die you place influences your game! An excellent and original game.

Cat Lady 
A new addition to our ever-expanding list of games for cat-lovers, Cat Lady is a competitive drafting game where the players compete to build the largest collection of adorable, purring fuzzy friends. But be careful--if you expand your kitty collection beyond what you can feed, you'll find yourself losing points instead! Wonderful for any cat-lover.

Making a return after some time away is beloved favorite: Firefly the Game. Players take on the roll of ship captains, customizing their ship and crew as they soar across the verse. Scrabble for jobs, fight for survival--and keep flying.

Tales From The Loop: Our Friends The Machines & Other Mysteries 
Finally, we have the expansion for the exciting new RPG, Tales from the Loop. Our Friends the Machines & Other Mysteries contains three full-sized adventure modules, and a bundle of other goodies, including detailed machine schematics and a guide to creating your own Loop setting. And as always, it's filled to the brim with the gorgeous art that's the signature of Tales from the Loop. A wonderful pickup for any group.

That's all the news for this week. Stop back in next week for another round of What's New at Labyrinth!

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