Friday, May 25, 2018

What's New at Labyrinth: 5/25/18

What's New at Labyrinth: 5/25/18
Hi guys! After the big explosion of stuff last week, this week is a little lighter - but what we do have is exciting!

Even dystopias need construction workers. Euphoria is a dystopian worker placement game with a unique twist. Your workers are represented by dice, with their faces signifying how aware they are of the horror of their existence. Smarter workers can accomplish more, but if they learn too much they might desert you! There are multiple paths to victory, and the tyrant who completes objectives fastest wins. Definitely worth checking out. 

Back in stock after some time away is Orléans, the award-winning game of worker placement and deckbuilding. Set in the late Middle Ages, players trade, work, and skirmish for supremacy. With a list of awards too long to print here, now is a great time to try Orléans if you haven't had the chance.

Brand New Puzzle Set!

We just got in a whole slew of new Djeco puzzles! These gorgeous offerings include special, non-standard puzzles in the shape of an animal. The trumpeting elephant is a store favorite, but we also have an elegant seahorse and a sinuous octopus. Without edges or corners, they give a new sense of discovery to puzzling. Try them out!

Unspeakable Words
Unspeakable Words returns to Labyrinth! This wacky spelling game has you conjuring words of dark import and arcane power, but beware! Some powers are too great for mortal minds to wield, and careless spelling might drive you to madness!

Dragon Castle 
Dragon Castle is an elegant game of strategy and construction. Players each construct their own villa by removing tiles from Dragon Castle, which stands in the center of the board. The game ends when the old Dragon Castle has been completely dismantled, while the grandest structure becomes the new Dragon Castle and wins the game!

Monster Match
Monster Match is a great speed game for families and younger gamers. Players roll two dice, which specify a body part and a number. Then players race to find a monster card that matches the roll! Quick to learn and tons of fun.

Funky Chicken
From the makers of Happy Salmon comes Funky Chicken, a game of speed and funk! Players race through a deck of goofy dance moves. The goal is to match cards with someone else, then do the dance together and discard your cards. First player to throw their deck away wins!

Chess Restock 
Finally, we've gotten in a big restock of our chessboards. From roll-up tournament mats to glass and hand-crafted hardwood, we have something for every kind of player. Come see!

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