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What's New at Labyrinth: 9/1/2017

What's New at Labyrinth: 9/1/2017
Hey all! Another busy week here with new arrivals, so let's dive right in!

Founders of Gloomhaven

Gloomhaven has taken its place among the most popular games of the decade. Founders of Gloomhaven returns you to that world for a new challenge. Centuries before the events of Gloomhaven, an uneasy coalition of races came together to construct a city at the edge of the world. In Founders, each player controls one of these races, competing for influence and prestige within the growing city. However, no one can build the city alone--cooperation is necessary to gain the supplies required to finish construction. Balance your schemes with the uneasy peace and leave your mark on Gloomhaven.


Targi is one of our new two-player only games. Each player heads a desert tribe attempting to master the trade routes. Place your meeples to claim trade goods or perform actions, then spend your profit to grow your family.  Only the canniest merchant can claim victory! 

Blokus Duo 

Blokus Duo is a two-player only reworking of the classic geometric strategy game Blokus. Black and White pieces vye for control of a smaller board in this portable variant of the family favorite. 
Spirits of the Wild 

The third new two-player game we've gotten is Spirits of the Wild. Spirits is a beautiful, elegant game, where players use cards representing the spirits of nature to move and claim colored stones. Each player has a scoreboard with distinct objectives, and certain combinations of the stones will earn you points. Careful movement and bold action will bring you victory.


Scarabya is a game of competitive puzzling. Each player is an explorer in one of the far-flung corners of the earth, seeking out valuable golden scarabs. Everyone has their own player board with scarabs scattered across it. Each player also has a stock of twelve geometric puzzle-pieces. Each round, players place the same shaped piece onto their boards, attempting to form enclosures around the scarabs. Since everyone has the same building blocks, victory will come down to raw skill. 

A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures

A Song of Ice and Fire has finally come to Labyrinth! This starter set contains the armies for  
 Stark and Lannister; totaling over one hundred miniatures for your epic struggles. Choose your commander wisely, rally your heroes, and equip your forces for battle. But don't forget to send your spies and maesters and gain every advantage as you plunge into epic tactical battles with your foes!  


The Great Science Fair is being held and only the best and brightest may come and display their inventions. Gizmos is a marble-based engine-building game. Take actions to aquire power marbles, and use those to improve your actions! Will you prove yourself the greatest inventor at the Fair? 

The Quiet Year

The Quiet Year is an award-winning collaborative story game where players map out the lives and surroundings of a post-apocalypse community. The dangers of the previous year have passed, or at least abated, and they have a year, one quiet year, to build. Each week is represented by a card, drawn from a regular deck of playing cards. As you play, players will hold community discussions, embark on projects, and add detail to the map you all draw together. This wonderful experience is as unique as the players at the table and well worth trying.


Mercado is a game of conspicuous consumption. The players are wealthy members of high society, wandering a market and bidding on valuable trinkets to enhance their prestige. Each turn, players blind-draw three coins from their purse. Each stall requires a specific combination of denominations to buy from, but beware that someone doesn't swoop in and buy your prize out from under you!

Vampire: The Masquerade, 5th Edition

The immortal classic of Gothic roleplay is back! Vampire: The Masquerade, a roleplay staple since the 80s, has returned updated for the modern day in a new edition. The streamlined ruleset serves as an excellent jumping-on point for new players looking for a game of horror and survival. The new  lore provides plenty of material for players returning to the World of Darkness to sink their fangs into. Bound together with beautiful art, this is worth a look for any fan of the genre. 

That's all for this week. The Holiday Stocking rush continues, however, so tune in next week for more What's New at Labyrinth!

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