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Guild of Heroes Report for 12/26-12/28/18

Guild of Heroes Adventures
Winter Holiday 2018

Blizzards and solstice festivals weren't enough to keep the Guild from fighting evil - here are some of the monsters they defeated this month!

12/26 - The Abominable Cheesemonger with Dungeon Master Matt

Due to a serious dearth of cheese in the Guild headquarters, our noble adventurers made their way to the village of Klast to seek out Beldvan Bronzefrost, the finest Cheesemonger in all Niln. Upon arriving, they learned that Beldvan was seemingly the only person in the country with a supply of milk due to a bovine plague spreading across the country. The adventurers dug deeper and discovered a conspiracy: a group of friends appeared to have started the plague and were profiting off of their cheese monopoly.
The players incapacitated the nefarious cheesemonger, stole his ill-gotten stocks, and escaped successfully to return the goods to the guild. Unfortunately, his friends remained in Klast to continue their operation - and the Guild may have to return some day to bring justice down upon them.

12/26 - Winter's Flame with Dungeon Master Yoni

The party was enjoying some well-deserved time off at Port Eismeldt in the Frozen Reach. Known for its grand Midwinter celebration, the secluded town was decked out in full splendor for the annual carnival. The adventurers heard rumors of thefts occurring around town; someone had been stealing the magically-warming Pembelon fruits that are a central part of the festivities. They investigated these rumors, but did not find a clear culprit. They also spent some time enjoying the various carnival games.

During the ceremony at sundown, a giant explosion destroyed the stage! As the townsfolk fled to safety, a galeb duhr emerged from the smoldering pit and attacked the party. During the commotion, animated lumps of coal were grabbing pembelon fruits from the nearby tents and dragging them into the pit. The adventurers eventually defeated the galeb duhr, which introduced itself as Slab, and explained that it was trying to save its friend, a small fire snake, using the pembelons.

Slab had been summoned long ago using a freezing gem, which remained embedded in the rock of his body. The adventurers realized that the latent cold magic was in fact harming the fire snake. Working together, the party jammed their various weapons in around the edges of the freezing gem and tried to pry it out of Slab’s chest. When that failed, they asked Slab to punch himself repeatedly, shattering the gem. They replaced it with a set of smaller fire gems and fused them using a fire bolt spell, giving Slab a new tether to the material plane and saving his friend the fire snake.

12/27 - Duanmer Dwarves and Bjorn the Xorn with Dungeon Master Camilla

Four heroes of the guild heeded the call of the Duanmer, a dwarven clan living deep within the mountains of the island. Some corruption had entered the underground river that gave them water, and the party sent to investigate had not returned. Note, Dynn, Jeff, and a young trainee named Riesa ventured off into the caves to investigate. They quickly identified a greenish-silver acid in the water and traced it to the old Duman Mine.

Within, they found a horrific scene. The few dwarves who had been left here centuries before were evidenced only by acid-burned skeletons and ominous journal entries. After defeating a few of the caustic creatures that seemed to have attacked the cohort, they found signs of another visitor: a three-legged, three-eyed, three-armed, metal-eating Xorn named Bjorn. With his help digesting a gate that impeded their way, they ventured further, eventually finding the source of the acrid onslaught. With the help of some Paint of Buoyancy and judicious use of an anti-acid healing salve they were able to finally remove the entirety of the contagion.

12/27 - Drekek's Devious DIY Dungeon with Dungeon Master Matt

The Guild received a tip about a dungeon holding vast treasure in the mountains of Kijiji’s reach, but the message (and generous notification) struck the Guildmasters as suspicious. They sent a party of mostly new recruits to scout out the dungeon, and it quickly became obvious that the whole place was a trap. Signs lured our heroes inside, where numerous shoddy traps and suspiciously poorly-built automata awaited them.
The heroes bested many devious traps, with Paelius surviving three separate brushes with death and the party being repeatedly bamboozled. At long last, they defeated the (komodo) dragon left to guard the treasure - and discovered that the dungeon had been constructed by an apprentice necromancer, Drekek, practicing to build her own dungeons and lure in unsuspecting heroes. They slew the apprentice and just barely got away, escaping to return to the Guild victorious.

12/28 - Dead of Winter with Dungeon Master Camilla

In the midst of a heavy winter storm came a haggard rider. 'The Guild must save the town of Homlet', he begged, crying of ice monsters and fell demons beneath the snow. Six seasoned adventurers set out, spellbooks and weapons in tow. Their numbers included three clerics: Happy, Jim (formerly known as Percival), and Drawfinistination; Euoyi the ranger; Jeff the barbarian; and Zealous the wizard. Before they even reached the town they were beset by skeletons in great number, swarming at the party from snowdrifts.

Using the Mobile Scorpion (a small ballista) from the Guild, they pushed through a series of combats deeper into the small village. They sought refuge in a small cottage, barricading the sundered doorway with stones from a hut that fell to one of the gargantuan bolts. Woken by an undead guard captain and the skeletal hordes she seemed to command, Jeff elected to face her in single combat. As they clashed, his companions burned through the hordes of oncoming skeletons, and Happy wrestled with the bone-winged bats that met him in the air. It wasn’t long before the undead had fallen to the party, and the wounded, freezing villagers spilled out of the sanctuary of the town’s chapel.

12/28 - The Mouth of Grolantor with Dungeon Master Ben

The Guild received a cryptic warning: “The Empire moves against you. Beware the Mouth of Grolantor.” With no other leads to follow, the party set out for Fort Kraos to confront the Imperial Garrison there. On the way, they stopped in Nilneer, the large port town across the strait from the fort. There they quickly uncovered a sinister Imperial conspiracy centered around the town’s winter festival.

The Empire had smuggled a starved hill giant, the Mouth of Grolantor, into the center of the festival. They planned to unleash the beast on the townsfolk and blame the Guild for the carnage. Only through the thorough investigating of Ara and Nova, the selfless sacrifice of Dynn, the bold distraction of Big Bob Bushybeard, and the skillful archery of Shadow was the party able to subdue the monster before it wreaked total destruction. Still, the influence of the Empire is strong and the party was not able to fully absolve the Guild of blame.

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