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Guild of Heroes Report for 3/23

Guild of Heroes Adventures
February 2019

As the winds of winter fade away and new foes reveal themselves... these are the latest adventures of Niln's greatest heroes!

We are excited to see many of you at our upcoming Guild of Heroes School Break Camp on April 4th and 5th, running during regular school hours. The theme for this camp is going to be Cities! We'll be learning about playing in them, creating them, and more. For more details and registration, see our event website.

After that, our next Guild of Heroes sessions will be April 14th. You can sign up for our morning or afternoon sessions.

Pirates!? with Joe

Lord Veldin of Thaldoon commissioned a grand ship, The Gilded Condor, but it was stolen the night before its maiden voyage. The guild pursued the ship and laid an ambush, pretending to be a defenseless cargo vessel. While Orryn stashed himself inside a treasure chest and Sauron magically grew gills to swim to the enemy ship, the rest of the group attacked the pirate vessel and its undead crew.

After defeating the “pirates”, the adventurers found that they had actually been hired by Lady [I forget], the Fire Giant Mayor of Thaldoon. Sneaking into her office, the party found additional evidence that the Mayor had been colluding with outside groups and working against the city. They have begun a plan with the captain of the Harbor Guards to have her overthrown and a new mayor installed.

Death in the Wood with Yoni

Four new Guild initiates (along with Guild member Aerith for help and supervision) were tasked with investigating a series of disappearances in the Bell Wood. In the nearby town of Woodside, they accidentally started a brawl while trying to console Erin, the distraught wife of a missing man named William. After being locked up for the night, they were released on the word of Erin, and the promise that they would help solve the mystery and rescue William.

As they headed toward the wood, they ran afoul of a logger named Manfred, and noticed a distinctive notch in his axe. Delving into the forest, they befriended a very silly sprite named Hunter, fought off a thicket of twig blights that ambushed the party, and found a Gulthias tree deep in the forest. Defeating the tree, they discovered the remains of William, and noticed that his wounds had been made by a notched blade.

The Gulthias tree had grown out of the evil energy from the site of a murder! The adventurers burned the remaining roots of the tree, then returned to Woodside and presented the evidence to the sheriff. Manfred was arrested, and the sheriff begrudgingly awarded the Guild the monetary reward as well as his respect.

Beneath the Waves of Innsmouth with Camilla

The spectral waves of Dagon roiled over the valley below
Harvald, a fish merchant of Oakcrest had gone missing, and there were reports of strange lights from the valley east of the market town. Klefistis, Happy, Nova, Shadow, and Sauron set out, discovering Innsmouth valley plagued with an asphyxiating curse by day and haunted by fluorescent ghosts of the deep by night, all blanketed within a surface of glimmering lights that mimicked the distant surface of the sea. Firstly, they demolished a dam upstream erected by the Giants, for it had diverted the village’s water source (and fisheries) to an Imperial farm elsewhere. 

The party ventured down into the valley at nightfall and found the villagers barely surviving, unable to muster the strength to escape the valley’s depths without their help. They learned that a deal had been struck with one Unkoaka Isthys. The fish would return to the valley, so long as none would be taken out, a stricture that Harvald the merchant had violated, dooming his friends and kin, were it not for the Guild.

This, but glowing, thirty feet long, and flying through the air
In one final foray, they crossed the newly replenished river, finding the deepest canyon beset with stinging jellies and skeletons animated by the swarms of leeches writhing over them. They pushed onwards towards the cave where Unkoaka was said to dwell. Happy was the first to bleed, unwittingly attracting the attention of the Megalodon shark that roamed the valley. Even as they started to fall to the skeletons around them, things got worse when Happy was gobbled whole. Astonishingly, a villager trapped within the belly of the beast was able to save he and Sauron from death. It was a close battle, with almost every member of the party falling near death. Finally, they vanquished the megalodon, revealing the Kuo-Toa sorcerer inside, ending the valley’s punishment.

Enter Alazar with Ben

Someone has been aiding the Guild. For months, they have received cryptic messages and warnings, all written in the same hand. A mysterious summons to Ft. Kraos, the Imperial fortress off the coast of Niln, revealed their benefactor to be Bluto Vel Alrich, the commandant of the Imperial legion. He called the party to the fort to warn them of an incoming threat, one far deadlier than they had yet faced.

Before he could finish his warning, it’s subject appeared. The frost giant inquisitor, Alazar Rune, had come to Ft. Kraos to seize control from Bluto and wage new war on the Guild. For aiding the guild, Bluto was imprisoned, and the party was faced with a terrible choice: submit to this new tyrant or watch Niln be torn apart by his inquisition. X and Soveliss chose to flee, but were quickly captured. Silas, long friendly with Bluto, led Coren and Troy in a fruitless attack against Alazar. One by one, they were incapacitated. Only Flint chose to submit, if only to buy himself time to rescue his friends.

The party, sans Flint, was taken to prison below the fort to join Bluto in the cells. Flint managed to sneak his way in and retrieve the party’s weapons while Silas melted his way through the cell bars and Soveliss stole a set of keys with his Mage Hand spell. Flint’s long lost uncle, imprisoned in the cells, almost gave away the plan, but ultimately provided the party with their escape through the handy tunnel he had been digging for the last few years.

The party said their goodbyes Bluto and set sail for home while their new giant ally swam off towards an uncertain future.

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