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What's New at Labyrinth: 3/15/19

What's New at Labyrinth: 3/15/19
Welcome back! We've had a heaping helping of new arrivals, so let's get to it! 

 City of Kings
The City of Kings is a cooperative combat game where you must fight your way through a hostile fantasy world. With procedurally generated enemies and engaging, diceless combat, City of Kings is positioned to challenge Gloomhaven for the top spot of the genre. Don't miss out!

C02: Second Chance
Co2: Second Chance is a game of economics, strategy, and ecology. Players take the helm of different energy corporations competing in a new, climate-conscious age. Trade carbon credits and build green infrastructure while balancing pollution reduction against the growing need for energy. Can you become the greenest of them all?   

Haven is a beautiful new two-player game, where the forces of nature and civilization collide. The ancient forest of Haven has sheltered the spirits for ages, but now the nearby City is expanding in search of its power. An asymmetric strategy game, each side has its own unique abilities and playstyle. Only one side can emerge triumphant!

Arkham Horror: The Secret Name
The first pack in the Circle Undone cycle has your investigators turning towards the past to save the present. With a sinister new coven of witches threatening the city of Arkham, you must dive into the misty past, and confront the ghosts of Salem that still walk the streets. 

 New Lego (And Lego Architecture!)
We've gotten in a new shipment of Lego, including--at long last--Lego Architecture! With these new, high-quality Architecture sets, we're finally able to offer a selection of Legos aimed at adult hobbyists. And we've got more regular Legos that ever! Come take a look!

Anti-Monopoly is a fascinating new take on the classic game, adding in a fundamental choice: Are you a free-market competitor, or are you a monopolist? Each of these options bind players to a new set of rules, adding a strategic asymmetry. Will you play fair, or try and grab all the land for yourself?

Zombie Kidz: Evolution
Zombie Kidz: Evolution is the first Legacy game aimed at younger audiences. In the zombie apocalypse, a crew of spunky kids has grouped up and fortified their school. Help them secure the premises and each game the rules will evolve! An excellent introduction into the legacy game style. 

Gurms is an adorable new tile-laying game where your skills puzzling and prediction are put to the test. Each tile you place adds new Gurms to the pattern. Complete the most Gurms to win!

Pickles to Penguins
Pickles to Penguins is a hilarious new free-association party game. What does a pickle have in common with a penguin? If you can make a connection, you can discard the card! First one to empty their hand wins.

Tudor sends its players headfirst into the cut-throat political melee of the Tudor court. Players compete as courtiers for political access, power, and wealth. Flatter your way up by placing your agents carefully in court. But beware: your rivals will always be looking for a chance to stab you in the back!

Songbirds is an elegant abstract strategy game where players must carefully invest their cards to claim victory for their chosen bird. Players place cards onto a grid of "nuts", each worth points. The highest value will claim the column, but ties will nullify each other, so watch out for the low rollers! With precision and care, you can guide your songbird to victory.

13 Dead End Drive
The confounding classic 13 Dead End Drive is back! A rich relative has died--now you need rub out all your competition for the inheritance. Luckily, the paranoid old coot had crammed their house with lethal traps! Squish your unfortunate relatives to escape with your life and their fortune. 

Stupid Deaths
Stupid Deaths is a new party game with a ghoulish sense of humor. Players take turns reading out cards with common stories of humorous homicide, with everyone else playing a round of True or False. Test your historical knowledge with Stupid Deaths.

Oaxaca is a game of craftmanship and engine building. Players control families of craftspeople in the rich, diverse Mexican state of Oaxaca, and must carefully manage their specializations and output. Play your cards and draft your dice right and you'll find yourself the wealthiest artisan in Oaxaca!

Millenia ago, a tiny, life-bearing planet lost its spin, plunging half the world into eternal night and the other into endless day. Thousands of years later, the societies on the planet Solenia have adapted to this dramatic shift in circumstance--the Day Side provides wheat and wood, while the Night Side provides ore and gems. Players act as the traders, producing goods on floating islands and transporting across the world in floating cities to keep society running. Invest smartly to claim victory in this beautiful game. 

Raccoon Tycoon
Raccoon Tycoon puts you in the furry boots of Gilded Age industrialists, each fighting for dominance as a cresting wave of wealth washes over the land. Invest in factories, towns and products, all while keeping a close eye on your rivals. Only one can be the top dog: make sure it's you!

Honga is a Stone Age action selection game. Players are competing to be named the next chief of the Saber-Toothed Tiger clan by proving themselves apt leaders. Divide your time wisely between gathering food, trading goods, and praying to the gods--but watch out! Honga the sabertooth is always hungry, and if you don't keep a watch on him he'll empty your larders in a jiffy!

House of Danger
Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger is back! This nostalgic callback to the days of youth is a hilarious, fun choose-your-own-adventure game, great for both solo and collaborative play. The first time we got it in, it vanished off the shelves, so don't delay!

Apocalyptic Picnic
A lovely family reunion has been spoiled--by radioactive potato salad! Everyone eating it are turning into hideous zombies, and the only cure is Grandma's Chicken Soup. The last player with a non-zombified family member wins! Goofy fun for all ages.

Kozo is an elegant and ruthless game of balance: Think Jenga in reverse. Players must balance block shapes in an ascending tower of eight blocks; three by three with no block allowed to overhang the sides or center square. To make things harder, after each piece, players can then place a small block to prevent any blocks from resting on a surface! Don't knock over the tower, or you'll lose points.

Ramen Fury
Ramen Fury is a brand new card game in a deliciously flavorful package. Collect and arrange a wide variety of ingredients, each with unique properties, to try and create the most mouth-watering bowl of ramen this side of Tokyo. But watch out: your competitors are aiming for the top too, and they aren't above slipping a hot pepper into your soup when you aren't looking!

We've gotten in a whole new selection of Magna-Tiles. New types and collections, new constructions and more. Take a look!

We've gotten in more than 2 pallets of puzzles this last week, so come sample the new puzzling bounty! 

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