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What's New at Labyrinth: 4/19/19

What's New at Labyrinth: 4/19/19
Another week has come and gone, with a new slew of arrivals!

In the dark jungles of the Indian subcontinent, where civilization has grown around and among the trees for millennia, two temples to the gods stand ancient and proud. Now, you, arrogant and young, seek to plunder these temples and best your rival. Nagaraja is a two-player game of strategy and chance where you play as tomb robbers, attempting to steal the treasures of the ancient temple and beat the other to the punch. Each player will explore their own temple, trying to avoid curses and claim treasure, while using cards to interfere with their opponent. Stylish, cinematic, and with plenty of ways to mess with each other, Nagaraja is an excellent addition to any two-player collection.

Gunkimono is a tile-laying strategy game set in the Japanese Warring States era. Players control the rival feudal lords struggling for power, arranging their armies against each other. Players will place tiles representing armies on the board, forming a web of power and influence. Armies give you victory points, but you can also spend them to reinforce your strongholds. A balance of boldness and strategic is required to win. Quick to learn and with a playtime of about an hour, it's an excellent strategy game for people looking to start out or want a faster game.

Welcome To: Your Perfect Home 
Welcome To is a very popular take on the roll-and-write genre, returning to Labyrinth after a few months of absence. Players work as real estate developers, building the ideal neighborhood. The twist on the roll-and-write formula comes in the cards: Welcome To has no dice! Instead, one flips over cards that represent different buildings and fills in their block. The most valuable property wins!

Cabo is a card game about math and hidden information. Each player has 4 cards. 

Sushi Roll 

Power Grid: Deluxe 



The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth 


New Thinking Putty!

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