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What's New At Labyrinth: 5/10/19

What's New At Labyrinth: 5/10/19
Don't let the rainy weather get you down. Come by Labyrinth and check out our new stuff!

Godsforge is a brand-new, exciting game of magic and combat. Long ago, the world of Etherium was peaceful and prosperous, with a boundless source of magic fueling the lifestyles of the populace. Now, however, only one such source remains: The Godsforge. The people of Etherium war for its control, and you, the players, will decide the fate of the battle. Players take turns simultaneously, attacking the player to their left and defending to their right. Strategy, wits and speed are required to win!

Paperback is back! This deck-building, word-crafting favorite has been out of the store for a few months, so we're glad to announce its return. Play as struggling novelists and piece together words to earn yourself some cash. Spend your money to improve your repertoire and build more valuable works. To be the remembered as the greatest author demands ambition and skill!

Gimme Gimme Guinea Pigs
Gimme Gimme Guinea Pigs is a goofy, high-speed game of critter collection. Play takes place in real-time as everyone races to collect 7 cards of the same suit (represented by animals), discarding cards they don't want and grabbing the discards from other players. The player who wins the race announces their victory by bellowing, "GOT 'EM!"

Whozit is a wacky party game of profiling and judgement. Each round, one of six characters -- some real, some fictional, running the gamut from Sherlock Holmes to Lady Gaga -- is secretly picked by the round judge to be the subject of the game. The judge will then rate the subject on two qualities, and everyone will try and puzzle out who is the subject! A goofy, fun party game.

1830: Railways & Robber Barons
The classic game of cutthroat business and steam trains has returned to Labyrinth. Originally published in 1986, 1830 is a modern classic in the truest sense. Trade stocks and fight for control of the industry. Only one can become the ruler of the rails! 

Blink purports to be the world's fastest card game, and it makes a strong case for itself. Players compete in real time, trying to slam down cards into the discard pile before the opponent can. Cards can be played if they match the discard pile in color or shape or number. The first to empty the draw pile and their hand wins!

And that's all for this week. Check back in next week for more What's New at Labyrinth!

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