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What's New at Labyrinth: 5/17/19

What's New at Labyrinth: 5/17/19
It's hot outside! As the swampy summer  closes in, cool off by dropping by Labyrinth and seeing our new arrivals! Take a look:
Mystic Vale: Harmony
Mystic Vale, the groundbreaking card-crafting game, returns once more with the Harmony expansion. With new advancement and vale cards, such as amulets and leader abilities, Harmony will advance the complexity of your game a step further. Requires the base game Mystic Vale to play.

Miniatures: Townspeople & Accessories 
We've gotten in a giant box of assorted miniatures! Shelves, stalls, tools, tables, and all the random townsfolk your heart desires. Bring the world to life with this set of miniatures!

Kitty Paw
Kitty Paw is a game of speed and dexterity. Players, one-handed, compete to swipe and arrange tiles to match the patterns their cat (card) demands! It happens in real time, so swipe fast and be ready to shout "Meow!" when you finish!

Atlantis Escape
Atlantis Escape is the first of several new logic puzzles we've gotten in. Trapped in a tall tower, you must carefully coordinate the stairs and platforms available to make your way to the exit. An excellent challenge for players 7 and up.

Air Land & Sea
After some months away, Air, Land & Sea returns to Labyrinth. This 2-player wargame requires you to carefully balance the commitment of your forces. Don't be afraid to retreat--strategy sometimes demands it! The more astute commander who claims 12 victory points first wins. 

Iron Curtain 
Another returning 2-player favorite, Iron Curtain allows players to battle through the Cold War in 20 minutes or less. Each round, choose one card to play, each with political consequences--blocking Cuba, for example, or influencing Africa. After 9 rounds, the winner is decided! With simple rules but a deep strategy, Iron Curtain is great game for new gamers and hold hands alike.

Channel A
Channel A is another entry into the pitch-style genre of games, often popular as party games or icebreakers. In Channel A, players need to pitch their own ideas for a new anime, assembling the title out of several word cards from their hand. Improvise a decent pitch and the round's judge will award you a win! Fast, goofy, and low-investment fun.

Brain Train 
A simple logic puzzle for our very youngest players. In Brain Train, kids have to carefully arrange the cargo to fit into the train cars' slots. The large pieces and brightly colored trains make this an excellent gift for young players.

Conflicting Legends 
Rock-Paper-Scissors like you've never seen it before! Conflicting Legends is a card game where players fight for world domination via rock-paper-scissors. Seems arbitrary? Well, each player also has a hand of legendary folks like Napoleon Bonaparte, Frieda Kahlo, and Einstein, who have special abilities to influence the game! Goofy, fast, and fun.

And that's all we have for this week. Check back in next week for more What's New at Labyrinth!

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