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What's New At Labyrinth: 5/24/19

What's New At Labyrinth: 5/24/19
It's been a windy week! Shelter from the storm and check out some of our new arrivals here:

Ghosts of Saltmarsh

Dastardly pirates, deadly mermen, danger on the high seas--Ghosts of Saltmarsh has it all and more. The latest published campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, Ghosts of Saltmarsh compiles 7 classic D&D adventures from the last 40 years, updated for 5th Edition and united by a common nautical theme. The sleepy fishing town of Saltmarsh serves as a unifying hub for these adventures, and your actions will determine its fate.

Bunny Kingdom in the Sky
The leporine game of kingdom building, Bunny Kingdom, has returned with a new expansion: Bunny Kingdom in the Sky! This deluxe expansion adds an entirely new game board, the Great Cloud, a realm of rainbows and giant beanstalks in the sky. In addition to this new magical land, this expansion adds new mechanics, resources, supplies for a fifth player, and a trading system that allows you to approach the game in new ways. Your kingdom won't build itself--hop to it! 

If you've ever watched Jurassic Park and thought: "I could have designed this better!", Mesozooic is the game for you. In this real-time drafting game, players fight to build the best park by drafting and arranging a series of exhibit cards, maintenance cards, and monorail cards. Careful and quick design is required if you want to shut out the competition! A quick game that can play a wide range of players (2-6) this is a versatile game for any group.

Amazing Tales
Amazing Tales is a new RPG system designed to be played by and with young children. With simple rules even a 4-year old can understand, and tips for how to deal with the specific problems of running a game for children (short attention spans, etc), this product is perfect for parents who want to start their kids off easy in RPGs. 

Ultramodern5 is a third-party supplement for 5th Edition D&D, adding rules and content for a non-fantasy version of the d20 game we all know and love. If you've ever wanted to play D&D without the magic, Ultramodern5 has supporting rules for a variety of settings, from pre-modern to the distant future. This is a supplemental product, so the base Dungeons and Dragons books are required.

Dungeon World
Dungeon World is a loving take on the "dungeon fantasy" genre of RPGs, utilizing the excellent and streamlined Powered by the Apocalypse system. These rules cut down on at-table litigation, and instead allow the players and GM to move directly to the action. With lots of tools for players and GMs alike, Dungeon World is an excellent alternative to D&D for groups looking for a smoother play experience. 

Burning Wheel is a deep, richly detailed, award-winning RPG system that brings mechanical depth and focus to an often-neglected area of the game: the character's arc. While there are players in every RPG who love coming up with rich and detailed backstories, often these are relegated to window dressing, with no mechanical impact on the game. But in Burning Wheel, the events of the game are inseparably intertwined with the past of the characters. Your scars, acquaintances, failures and successes will inform your abilities and motivations moving forward. Burning Wheel: Gold Revised is an excellent game, bound into a gorgeous 600-page book. Highly recommended for any group willing to try something new.

Atmar's Cardography
Finally, we've gotten in a handy set of GM tools: Atmar's Cardography is a series of map packs for RPG scenarios, made up of modular cards! Each card has a room, and by piecing them together in your desired order, you can assemble hundreds of distinct locations, while being able to pack the whole thing up into a box that fits in your pocket. With five different themes, this is a handy addition to any GM's arsenal.

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