Friday, August 16, 2019

What's New At Labyrinth 8/15/19

Good luck to all those competing in the Pokemon World Championships this weekend! If you're looking, we have plenty of Unified Minds boxes and packs at the ready.
For everyone not competing (or who missed out on getting a badge to the sold out event), come check out what's new in stock!

Bargain Quest + The Black Market Expansion

This game has been hotly anticipated! Take on the role of a shopkeeper in a fantasy setting where adventuring heroes are looking for the best items to defeat the monsters around town. Draft your items, show off your wares in the window, and earn prestige when heroes use the wares they bought from you to defeat their foes!

Space Base: Command Station

This new expansion for Space Base adds components for 2 new players (up to 7), and adds "pre-deployed" ship cards to adjust for balance and gameplay with more than five players. The box is also large enough to hold the original Space Base, the Shy Pluto expansion, and future expansions as well!

L.L.A.M.A. Card Game

L.L.A.M.A. is a fun Uno-like game for 2-6 players. Players use a hand of cards numbered 1-6 with llama cards that go in-between 6 and 1. Play cards to a pile that are either minus 1, plus 1, or equal to the current card showing and try to get rid of all your cards! If you get stuck with them you gain that many points (though multiples of the same card are just counted as one card!) and the first player to 40 points ends the game. Have the fewest points and you win!


Dragonrealm takes the ideas found in Dragonwood and expands upon them. Players will attempt to explore and capture various locations using card sets and straights (by color or number) to roll the most dice they can to attempt to place adventurers in a location. Once a location is full, you score it, and the player with the most points after a certain number of locations (depending on number of players) wins!

DC Deck Building Game: Rebirth

Rebirth is a new evolution of the DC Deck-Building Game, breaking fresh ground by adding linked Campaign Scenarios, character progression, and movement between iconic locations from the DC Universe! Position matters! Players must move their characters around the board to find the cards they want for their deck and to interfere with the Villain’s dastardly plans. When you defeat a Villain, you get a reward, and the Villain is removed from the game. Staying close to your allies will allow them to play Assist cards to help you during your turn.


In passtally, you take turns placing tiles on the game board to create a line connecting your player markers. The more tiles the line passes through, and the higher those tiles are stacked, the more points you score!

What The Heck?

To win this game, you'll need to read your opponents' minds--when you figure out which card they're about to play you'll have your chance to win. On each turn, players flip over a point card and compete to take it (if it's a positive number) or avoid it (if it's a negative number). The catch is that everyone starts with the same cards, so you'll need to psyche out your opponents and play your cards carefully. But if you guess wrong and tie with another player, you both miss out. It's a game filled with highs . . . and lows.


Letter Tycoon

In the game, players take turns forming a word using a seven-card hand and a three-card community card pool, scoring money and stock rewards based on their word. Players may use their earned money to buy one letter "patent" in the word they make. In the future, whenever another player uses one of your owned letters on their turn, you earn money from the bank. Letters that are used less frequently have special abilities, increasing their power. When enough of the alphabet has been claimed, players finish the current turn, then score all money, stock and letter patents owned. Create the most valuable empire and you can become the letter tycoon!

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