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We've Got New Things and Newly Stocked/Restocked Things! 02/07/2020

There's new stuff at Labyrinth, so come check it out!

There are a bunch of new games and RPGs over at Labyrinth, as well as some restocked/newly stocked oldies-but-goodies. This weekend is a great time to stop by and see the new stuff for yourself.

New Star Wars X-Wing and Legion Ships and Upgrades 

We have several new ships for X-Wing, as well as a few new packs. We also just received several new Legion upgrade packs and add-ons. Come check it out at Labyrinth!

Oh My Goods! Escape to Canyon Brook Expansion

The crown is at war with the Northerners. Rabbit, leader of the rebellion, has left you and the king unharmed and has since gone underground. Tony Merz did not survive the attack. Rob, the builder, is the only one in contact with the king... Oh My Goods!: Escape to Canyon Brook, an expansion for Oh My Goods!, consists of new chapters that continue the Longsdale in Revolt story, so to play this you need both the base game and the “Longsdale in Revolt” expansion.

Airship City

Electing to make a new home among the clouds, humankind has assembled a variety of airships to provide utilities, thereby creating "airship city". As airship engineers, you gather materials and work hard to build airships to further the development of airship city. In order to build airships efficiently, you need to donate airships to cultivate a positive relationship with the city, renovate your workshop, hire workers, and occasionally piggyback off other engineers to acquire resources. You can contribute to the city's development not only by donating airships, but also by building public facilities and participating in trade. Will your contributions to the development of airship city earn you fame as an airship engineer? Airship City is a grid movement, worker placement-style game for 3-4 players that is medium-to-heavy weight complexity.

The Gallerist

This age of art and capitalism has created a need for a new occupation - The Gallerist. Combining the elements of an Art dealer, museum curator, and Artists’ manager, you are about to take on that job! You will promote and nurture Artists; buy, display, and sell their Art; and build and exert your international reputation. As a result, you will achieve the respect needed to draw visitors to your Gallery from all over the world. There's a lot of work to be done, but don't worry, you can hire assistants to help you achieve your goals. Build your fortune by running the most lucrative Gallery and secure your reputation as a world-class Gallerist! Maximize your money and thus win the game by: having visitors in your gallery; exhibiting and selling works of art; investing in artists’ promotion to increase art value; achieving trends and reputation as well as curator and dealer goals.

Vinhos Deluxe Edition

Vinhos Deluxe Edition is a wonderful, crunchy euro for 1-4 players that is all about the process of wine-making. The deluxe version of the game comes with the following features over the original edition:  double-sided player boards that can be used in both game versions, a ninth region, a new estate, The Farmer (a new character), The Fair (streamlined with new mechanisms), 18 actions tiles to replace the manager's actions, 22 multiplier tiles to final scoring, the removal of the bank action, the removal of the zero initial Vintage tile, the exportation action has been optimized for 2 players, some rule changes and adjustments, and new solo rules designed for the new game version. If you enjoy a crunchy, economic game about wine, Vinhos Deluxe Edition might be for you.


Lisboa is a game about the reconstruction of the great Portuguese capital city after a series of terrible catastrophes. On November 1, 1755, Lisboa suffered an earthquake of an estimated magnitude of 8.5–9.0, followed by a devastating tsunami and 3 days of raging fires. The city was almost totally destroyed. This is a heavy-weight game for 1-4 players and involves in-depth strategy. It is currently in stock at Labyrinth.

Baseball Highlights: 2045 (2017 Edition)

Baseball Highlights: 2045 is now in stock at Labyrinth! This is a light to medium-weight game for 1-4 players, in which everyone builds their own baseball team and plays cards during each round to beat their opponents' teams. Will your team be comprised of cyborgs, robots, or naturals (i.e., humans)--or maybe a mix of all three?

For Sale Travel Edition

The classic, easy-traveling, bidding game is back in stock and a great choice for anyone looking to play with friends on the go.


Miyabi is a new multi-leveled tile-laying game in which players are building their gardens through tile-placement, pattern building, card drafting and set collection. This game is for 2-4 players and plays in roughly 45 minutes, and it comes with 5 expansions in the base box that add new content and challenges. Players score points for the number of things in their gardens as well as the different layers of their garden. This is another in Haba's series of family-oriented/grown-up-oriented games along with Mountains

Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization

The classic, Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization, is now back in stock at Labyrinth in all of its 2-4 player, card-drafting glory.

Rock Paper Wizard

In this brand new Dungeons & Dragons edition of Rock Paper Wizard your adventuring party of 3-6 players has just defeated a fiery dragon in a treacherous cave. Now you and your fellow wizards argue over how to distribute the shares of treasure left behind and do what every self-respecting wizard does, initiate a spell battle! Choose your wizard’s spell and cast some magic by repeating one of the hand gestures found on the cards in front of you. Everyone says “Rock, Paper, Wizard” aloud, and upon saying “Wizard”, forms a hand gesture and points it towards a target. Each card describes the spell’s effect, which can push an opponent towards the exit, advance yourself towards the hoard, or manipulate the coins each wizard must collect to win. The first wizard to collect 25 gold pieces wins!

Pathfinder 2E: Bestiary Pawn Box

This Pathfinder 2nd Edition Bestiary Pawn Box comes with 375 standees for all possible monsters that you'll encounter in Pathfinder 2nd Edition. It also comes with plastic bases that are sized the same as bases for plastic and metal miniatures but for these sturdy, cardstock standees. The illustrations are gorgeous, and this is a great addition to any Pathfinder player's collection, but especially if you run Pathfinder

Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit

The 4th Corporate War’s over and the big dogs have retreated to their corners to lick their wounds. That leaves everyone else to fend for themselves in a shattered world. And that’s just fine. ‘Cause you’ve got interface plugs in your wrists, metal in your limbs, and chips in your skull. You’re wired in, loaded with chrome, and ready to take it to the Edge. There’s a world full of opportunities out there. Maybe this time you can do more than save yourself. Maybe.This starter set comes with a lore booklet, a rule booklet, six premade characters, custom Cyberpunk dice, and a map with standees. 

Finger Guns at High Noon

Finger Guns at High Noon is a fast-paced game of strategy, negotiation, and pure hilarity—battle royale style. Craft your plan, convince the crowd to join in, then count down and draw your finger guns. Hand gestures show everyone’s actions and targets. Eliminate players with pistols, dynamite, and power shots, or stand to the side and lasso up an ally. Last player standing is the winner—unless the ghosts eliminate everyone. Do you have the fastest draw in the west? Time to put your moxie to the test in Finger Guns at High Noon!

Say It!

It's the frantic party game for 2 or more players where crazy combinations lead to laugh-out-loud answers. Draw a pair of prompt cards, and then compete to shout out the most entertaining response. What's "something sticky"... "that you find in the couch cushions?" Or "something shocking"... "you know too much about?"  Don't delay it,  just Say It! It's now back at Labyrinth!

Fate of Cthulu 

The Great Old Ones reach out from the future and into their past—our present—corrupting the timeline such that events and individuals turn towards the apocalyptic and lead to their inevitable rise. A small and battered resistance effort mounted by time-travelers and present-day heroes stands in their way. You are those one-way travelers from a dark future and their crucial allies from the present day, working together to save the human race from looming apocalypse. Armed with foreknowledge of Judgment Day, you must succeed at a series of vital missions aimed at restoring hope to the future. Can you defeat the vast unknowable evils of the Great Old Ones before you become a monster yourself? Find out in Fate of Cthulhu! Fate of Cthulhu is a stand-alone game powered by the Fate Core System. No other books are needed to play.

Undaunted: Normandy

Undaunted: Normandy is a deck-building game that places you and your opponent in command of American or German forces, fighting through a series of missions critical to the outcome of World War II. Use your cards to seize the initiative, bolster your forces, or control your troops on the battlefield. Strong leadership can turn the tide of battle in your favor, but reckless decisions could prove catastrophic as every casualty you take removes a card from your deck. Take charge amidst the chaos of battle, hold fast in the face of opposition, and remain undaunted.

Ticket to Ride: Japan (W/Italy)

Zoom across Japan in a bullet train admiring Mount Fuji through the mist or take the Tokyo subway to your final destination. On this map, you face a dilemma between investing in the Bullet Train network, routes that can be used by all players to complete Destination Tickets, or focusing on your individual tracks. Weigh your options carefully because the players who contribute the most to this shared project will be rewarded with a larger bonus...and players who don’t build any Bullet Trains will suffer the consequences!This Ticket to Ride expansion also includes the Italy map which is focused on the regions in this country and on a brand new type of Ferry Route. Connect cities from all regions in the same network to score extra points.


Situations is a game where you and your friends (or acquaintances, or classmates, or family, or mortal enemies) construct the situation of a story together, taking turns adding people, events, places, and so on, and then each player writes their own story by interpreting the web of relationships they just created. The player who wrote the best story (by popular vote) wins! The game has two phases. In the first phase, players have hands of cards: nouns, adjectives, and a few special cards. Each noun card has the noun itself as well as questions that establish relationships to that noun. On a player's turn, there are three possible actions; they may play a noun (potentially along with adjectives describing it), connecting it through the questions to a noun already on the board; they may add an adjective to an existing noun; and they may play a special card. After seven noun cards are on the board, players proceed to the second phase of the game, where they each write a story interpreting the web of nouns and relationships formed by the cards. When the players are done, they read the stories aloud, then vote on a favorite. Whoever wrote that story wins.

Kodama 3D

In Kodama 3D, players will grow trees in three-dimensional space. Players move their kodama pieces around a 4x4 grid of branch tiles in order to pick the branches they want to add to their tree. When a player adds a branch to their tree that doesn’t match what it is touching, they choose a goal card from the ones available. After all players have placed 12 branches on their tree, players score all of their goal cards. The player with the most points wins.

Vallejo Special Effects Set

This set comes with several of the special effects paints we carry in-store and a step-by-step example that teaches how to use these paints. Get your gore and rust looking hyper realistic.

Twilight Imperium

Ever wanted to live a space opera in 6 to 8 hours? Twilight Imperium 4th Edition is everything you could possibly want in such an experience and is now back in stock at Labyrinth! 


It's back! The sprawling RPG, board game is in stock again at Labyrinth. 

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