Friday, April 24, 2020

Board Games as Homeschooling Tools (Elementary)

Board Games as Homeschooling Tools (Elementary School Edition)

by Melissa

Greetings once again, fellow parents! You may have read my previous blog post for Labyrinth highlighting great homeschooling games for preschoolers and thought, “but what about my big kids?” Fear not! I also have game suggestions for sneaking in some extra education for your elementary school children.


This game is not only fun, but it is a good way to get your kids thinking about habitats and biomes. In Planet, each player is trying to create their own perfect world using a (VERY COOL) 12-sided, 3-dimensional, magnetic planet. Players add tiles consisting of different biomes in order to attract different animals to their planet. As a follow on activity you could even have your kids create their own animal cards.

Century Spice Road

This game is a favorite in my game group, but is also easy to learn an offers great educational opportunities. In Century Spice Road, you trade spices in order to complete orders and earn the most victory points. This game provides a unique opportunity to talk about the history and importance of spices and trade along the Silk Road. Not only could you learn about the different countries along the Silk Road, but why not try cooking or baking a dish using some of the spices featured in this clever game?


Unlock! Is a card-based escape room adventure played over the course of one hour. Players work together to solve puzzles and escape! While younger children could help solve puzzles involving searching the cards for numbers, this game is best for older elementary school children (10+). While not aligned with any one subject the Unlock! series of games provides lots of opportunities for critical thinking, problem solving and cooperation.

Dungeons & Dragons books can be bought here:

Now is a great time to get your kids creative juices flowing and dive into the wonderful world of Role Playing Games! RPGs are wonderful ways for kids to express themselves – they can write their own adventures, act out their character or even sketch epic monsters. Dungeons and Dragons is a classic and good way to introduce your kids to D&D. As an added bonus Labyrinth also offers Virtual Kids’ D&D sessions which are beginner friendly and loads of fun. Most recently our young heroes have helped out a trio of bumbling mages, adopted baby mimic monsters and rescued a port town from disaster.

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