Wednesday, August 29, 2012

50 Secret Codes Activity Cards by Usborne Publishing

Labyrinth Kids: Game Reviews by our Younger Customers

by S., 8 years old

S.'s Rating: Four out of Five Stars

These cards are fun to play especially on long trips.  Say you are driving to New York and you have the spy cards in the back seat.  You could play with them and they would keep you absorbed for a long time.  They include directions on how to do the codes on some of the cards.  And some of the cards are mystery cards.  They include a brief paragraph and a picture on one side of the card and the secret code under the paragraph.  If they are a code card that gives directions on how to do a code, there is no paragraph long mystery about the code.  You just learn how to do that type of code.  I liked this game, but personally I couldn't solve any of the codes!!  I had fun trying, though. 

Store Notes:

This is one of a many new Activity Card sets that we have recently begun selling. We have found that there is a range of difficulty levels for the cards contained in each set. Here's is a brief description of the 50 Secret Codes from the manufacturer.

"A wonderful set of wipe-clean activity cards for aspiring code-breakers!
  • Includes Semaphore and Morse code, "Grid code" used in the American Civil War, Egyptian hieroglyphics and traditional number replacement and alphabet switching codes.
  • Each card contains information about the code, an explanation of how it works and fun coding activities.
  • Includes a special pen to write on the cards."

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