Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tell Tale

Labyrinth Kids: Game Reviews by our Younger Customers

This is a great game.
You should own it!
(see below for explanation)
by Patrick, 6 1/2 years old

How many times have you played it?
I don’t know. Twenty or thirty, maybe?

Who do you play it with?
My mom and my grandma, and my brother, kind of. Sometimes we play a round of Parcheesi instead.

What ages do you think would most enjoy the game?
Six, Five, Seven... Well, someone who’s about my age, something about six-and-a half. You know, about my age.

Do you think grown-ups would like it?
Yes! Because me and my mom, we’re playin’ it, PLAYIN IT!

Is it like any other game you’ve played?  
No. It doesn’t have a board game, and there’s no fighting, and no one wins or loses. It’s just a game where you can make up stories and more and more and more.

What kind of pieces does the game have? Cards, dice, tiles? 
Just cards and pictures on the cards.

How do you play it?
Well, you have to have any [number of] person you want, except one thousand. But you can have as many people as you like, unless it’s a bigger number.  You just pick a random card from the center, and start telling a story and basically you tell a funny story.

What is your favorite part of the game?  
I like that you get to make a silly story. You get to laugh and laugh and it gets weirder and weirder. And sometimes, you can get a girlfriend (in the story) while you’re playing it. And sometimes, she can be surfing on a wave. And sometimes, your friends can be shouting at each other. And sometimes you end up in jail. You can end up in a laboratory or in a haunted house.

What didn’t you like about the game? 
Nothing. I like it all. There’s no bothers about it: it’s just telling a silly story.

Anything else you’d like to say about this game? 
Go buy it!

Rating System
6 – You MUST play this game!
5 – This is a great game. You should own it.
4 – It’s a good game. I’d like to play it again.
3– This is an alright game. I liked it, but not everyone will.
2– It’s an o.k. game, but I don’t really want to play it again.
1 – I would not recommend this game.

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