Friday, January 31, 2014

New Arrivals This Week 1/28/14 to 2/3/14

by Becky "Sushi Layout" Topol

Tokaido: Crossroads is an expansion for the popular and gorgeous game of Tokaido. The base game is fast and easy to learn with some tactical choices to be made, and Crossroads adds a whole new level of strategic depth. Crossroads introduces many more choices and options along the way; players need not take the traditional option at each spot along the road. Every station on the Tokaido now offers two options for what you can do there, meaning that savvy players can make clever, tricky choices. Temples now offer lucky charms for sale which act as “take that” cards to be used against other players. Calligraphy cards introduce the game’s first secret objectives, and gambling is featured in the back rooms of inns. With six new playable characters and a deck of Legendary Objects thrown into the mix, Tokaido: Crossroads adds a slew of new options to this beautiful journey.

Numbers League: Adventures in Addiplication is a truly awesome math game for kids and adults alike. This superhero-themed game pits your super squad against the many villains who have overrun Infinity City. The trouble is that you have to assemble each member of your squad before they stand a fighting chance! The hero cards each feature a head, chest, or legs, all of which have different numbers on them. Once a hero has all three body parts, they’re ready to fight crime, but can only take down villains who are truly their numerical equal! Heroes may gear up with special tools such as multipliers, and can even band together to take down a baddie, with a three-point hero and a two-point hero adding their powers together to defeat a five-point nemesis! This game is tons of fun, while providing a real mental challenge for players of all ages. The energetic comic-book-style art is carried over into its three expansions, Infinity Level, Dinosaurs, and Critters, all of which add new options and challenges to the mathtastic game of Numbers League!

Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends puts you in control of a team of legendary beasts locked in battle in a magical arena. By creating the correct mystic patterns on the playing field, you can summon powerful monsters from one of three factions: Sylvans, Highland Beings, or Imperial Forces, each with their own particular strengths and tactics. Tash-Kalar contains two different play modes. In standard play, you aim to complete various goals set out by the arena masters, such a controlling different points on the board, destroying a certain number of enemy units, or performing a certain combination of summonings. In melee mode, however, your only goal is to entertain the crowd that has gathered to watch this magical battle. Destroy your opponents, make them beg for mercy, and of course, every crowd wants to see a dragon! With its huge variety and magical tactics, Tash-Kalar is the battle you’ve been waiting for!

Wasabi!, also known as Sushi! was originally published in 2008, and is now making its Labyrinth debut! A fun, speedy game, Wasabi! is great for the foodie in all of us. Each player begins the game with their secret sushi recipes tucked into a cool pocketed menu folder. Each turn is simple: a player lays an ingredient card onto the “kitchen” board, then draws another to replenish their stock. As soon as all the ingredients for a recipe are laid out in a line, the player with that recipe gets points, even if someone else put down the ingredient tiles! Special action cards allow aspiring sushi chefs to stack, switch, or change out ingredients, and of course, it always pays to serve your dish with style! Wasabi! is fast and simple, yet strategic, and makes a delicious dish for two to four players.

Along with these great new games, we’ve received a bunch of gorgeous new puzzles! With art ranging from classic to eclectic, there’s sure to be something beautiful to suit every puzzler’s tastes. We also now have new Knowledge Cards in the subjects of African-American History and Classical Music, as well as a Scratch-and-Solve Trivia book from Encyclopedia Britannica. For fans of classic trivia, our ever-popular Trivial Pursuit book is back on the shelves!

A ton of popular games are back in stock as well! Strategy games Sekigahara and Manhattan Project are here again, party games Snake Oil and Mascarade are back, and board game/RPG/storytelling mashup Tales of the Arabian Nights has finally returned! Of course, once you have all these games, they can be tough to store, so we got some Box Bands for you. These handy elastics are specially made to hold board game and card game boxes neatly closed so you never lose a piece. We’ll be selling them individually as well as in packs of six in various sizes!

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