Thursday, June 5, 2014

Learning Through Games: Rhino Hero

Summary: Rhino Hero is a stacking game where players balance cards atop each other. Some cards have special abilities which can help or hurt one’s opponents.

Rhino Hero PictureNumber of Players: 2 or more

Recommended Age: 6+

Skills Addressed:

  • Hand/Eye Coordination
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Memory
  • Strategy

Link to Learning:

  • Explore how some cards are easier or more difficult to build on. Which make better bases? Which are harder for opponents to stack on?
  • Discuss the importance of not knocking the tower over, either on your turn or another person’s turn.
  • Encourage players to tell stories about Rhino Hero and work together for the stories.
  • Younger players can ignore the icons on the cards and work together to build the highest tower they can.

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