Friday, July 25, 2014

New Arrivals 7/22/14 to 7/28/14

by Alexander "Dice Hero" Smith

Ever gaze out into the night sky and think, "Boy, I want to solve a puzzle?" If that's the case, Moonscape might be for you. Spin four panels of craters around to match up with the sphere inside that can also move about freely and match the craters with the black dots on the sphere. Spin the sides like an astrolabe and solve this moon puzzle like its 1969. Joking aside, it is a rather addictive puzzle that we are enjoying. If you are or know a puzzle lover, this is definitely worth considering.

In space, no one can hear you hacking the mainframe of off-world grids. Well, save for especially devious new corporation cybersecurity measures. Upstalk is the first expansion in the Lunar Cycle for the Netrunner LCG. Explore the ever-expanding depths of cyberspace with Nasier Median and protect your new assets with ice that changes its subtype or ice that has every subtype!

Curse those pesky adventurers! As if luring countless so-called "heroes" into your inescapable death-filled lair weren't troublesome enough, now they might actually be a real threat in this expansion to Boss Monster, Boss Monster: Tools of Hero-Kind. Will your doom-traps hold up against a hero with Cheat Codes? Or will you crush these heroes armed with magical items beneath your heel for fabulous rewards, and claim the title of the true "Boss Monster?"

Is the name of the next mystery you want to solve, "The Case of the Obedient Chipmunk Butler?" Or perhaps you think that "Ferocious Horse Island" is the perfect name for a Metal Band. Word Whimsy is a fun adult party game where you mash seemingly random words together to answer prompt cards, funniest answers win! With 250 words to make untold numbers of crazy combinations, Word Whimsy is sure to get a rise out of you and your friends. There is some language which may not be appropriate for younger audiences. 

New demos added to our game library this week include:  
Word Whimsy, Moonscape

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