Saturday, November 15, 2014

New Releases 11/11/2014 to 11/18/2014

by Alexander "Kong" Smith

As the dust settles from the destruction of Tokyo, the monsters have turned their attention to the Big Apple in King of New York! Like in King of Tokyo, you are a monster duking it out with other monsters to see who will come out on top. In King of New York, you'll be tromping around five districts, toppling buildings and becoming a celebrity. The more buildings that are toppled, the larger the military response will be, so moving from district to district is important. Go out for a night on the town with giant monsters in King of New York!

Business is booming in the city thanks to the Prince's visit, but couldn't it be booming-er? Choose between staying on the straight and narrow or smuggling illicit goods into the city in the new game; Sheriff of Nottingham! The Sheriff's job is to prevent illegal goods from entering the city, but the Sheriff will have to pay out of pocket for searching the belongings of law-abiding merchants. Bluff, bargain and bribe in this really cool game of mercantile deception!

Search head-to-head in Find It: Sports Battle, a two player version of Find It. With two tubes filled with thirty different objects buried in colored plastic, players will try to shift, shake and jostle to find a certain hidden item before the other player. With a cool sports theme, this is sure to be a grand slam for sports fans. And, it's a fantastic way to keep kids busy on long car trips.

7 Wonders: Babel is the latest expansion for your favorite drafting and civilization building game. Using a central board and quarter-circle tiles, players will be faced with edicts, laws and taxes that will affect them until the tiles are covered by another. Tiles can have such diverse effects as lowering costs or making military victories less sweet and it's up to you how to respond to ever-changing situation. Build your civilization to the heavens in this awesome addition that has everyone talking!

Roll up your sleeves and start rolling some dice in Pandemic: the Cure. This dice-based version of Pandemic plays like the original, but your options are based on the dice you roll. If you don't get the actions you want on some of your dice, you can re-roll them...but the more you roll, the higher the chance of an epidemic breaking out. Can you and your friends contain and cure all four deadly diseases? 

Get ready for more castaway adventures on a deserted island in Voyage of the Beagle, an expansion to Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island. This expansion adds a new story, and this time the scenarios are linked! Consequences carry over from scenario to scenario giving the game a unified feel and an extra challenge. Do you have what it takes to survive? Find out as you set sail in Voyage of the Beagle!

It's that time of year again, and you know what that means; a new Magic: the Gathering Holiday Gift Box! This special box set contains four Khans of Tarkir booster packs, a promotional alternate art Sultai Charm card, dividers, labeling stickers and enough space to hold 2,000 cards! With a little something for everyone, this is an absolutely great gift for Magic: the Gathering players both young and old.

Follow the data trail to the moon with All That Remains, the latest data pack for the Android: Netrunner LCG. This new data pack is full of fun new cards such as more tracer ice that trigger effects at a certain trace strength and more agendas that pack a punch when scored. Runners will also get some cool new toys in the Cerberus icebreakers, a set of data doggies who break subroutines with power counters. A new criminal who is an expert at returning unrezzed cards to the Corp's HQ. "Use it or lose it," as the saying goes, and it is nowhere truer than in the bleeding-edge digital landscape of Android: Netrunner.

The Pokémon Collector's Chest Tin is both a very handsome lunchbox as well as a bundle of awesome Pokémon goodies! Inside are five booster packs, stickers, pencils, a notepad and three promotional preview cards of Mudkip, Torchic and Treecko. This sturdy metal container can also be used as a carrying case for your collection, allowing you to take your collection on the go. A great set that will be sure to get any
Pokémon fan excited, the Pokémon Collector's Chest Tin is a perfect blend of cool Pokémon stuff!

Back in stock this week is Tragedy Looper. If you haven't had the chance to turn back the clock and prevent mysterious murders, now is a great opportunity to do so! For all you Jane Austin fans, Marrying Mr. Darcy is back! If you're looking for a game of Victorian sensibilities and playing the piano forte, then look no further.

New demo games this week: Sheriff of Nottingham

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