Friday, January 30, 2015

New arrivals 1/20/2015 to 1/26/2015

by Alexander "Phantom Pepper" Smith

Scoville is a hot new game all about picking the hottest peppers to sell at the market. Plant, crossbreed and harvest peppers and make sure the peppers you picked are the ones in demand! This grid based resource collection game is sure to spice up your game night!

La Isla is a game about discovering new animal species on an uncharted island. Each turn, players will be placing cards onto their board that will give them special powers, collecting goods and increasing the value of certain animals. Try to find the most valuable animals in this strategic game of discovery!

Yardmaster is a game about making long trains filled with valuable
point-laden cargo. Players will take turns trading in cargo cards for train cars and attaching those cars to their train by matching the point value or cargo type. Its easy to get on board this cool train game! (Kathleen note: We played this last night at game night, and it was a ton of fun. Everyone really enjoyed it.)

Yardmaster Express is very similar to Yardmaster; you still want to get the highest value car and you still need to connect cars by value or type, but this time you'll be drafting your cars instead of buying them with resources. You can play any card face-down as a wild card for no points which will help you continue your train, keep an opponent from getting a key card, or both! Think Sushi Go! with trains.

Pressure Cooker is a game about accuracy and speed as you work to prepare dishes and become the Head Chef. Players will collect tiles from the center, but will you spend your time searching for premium ingredients, or do you just need to make sure food goes out the door? As the saying goes, "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen!"

Craft your own crazy spells by stringing cards together in Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre. Players battle for the title of best wizard by amassing components and magical items, ultimately creating a three-card spell with names just as long as the game's title. 

Pattern Play 3D is a colorful and kid-friendly puzzle game where you use 22 wooden blocks to recreate 62 different designs. Comes with a wooden tray to contain your work, but think outside the box for the best results!

Brain Builders Jr. offers even more patterns and structures to make with precision cut pinewood KEVA planks. Designed with younger kids in mind, this is a great building tool that promotes creative thinking and spatial reasoning skills.

The Hucklebee Game is a great way to teach young kids shapes, colors, and more with the help of a huggable stuffed animal. This game is ADORABLE, and it's a great way for kids to play and learn.

Games added to our demo library this week are: Yardmaster, and Redacted

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Arrivals 1/13/15 to 1/19/15

by Alexander "Blob Overlord" Smith

Automobile isn't a new game, but we've recently got our hands on this cool economic game. You are an automobile factory developing new cars, building them and then putting them out on the market. Like actually building cars, there is a lot of moving pieces to this game, but the myriad of rules are all in the name of a very flavorful car-building game.

Finally a U.S. release for this fantastic tile-placing game! In Sanssouci you play a landscaper trying to fill the garden with pavilions and fountains. You won't always have everything you need, so you'll have to search the supply or use gardeners to fill in the gaps.

Here's another older economic game that is now back in stock at Labyrinth! Enter the world of airline stock trading in Airlines Europe! Designed by Alan R. Moon of Ticket to Ride fame, players must invest in or expand different airlines. You can never do both, so making sure your airlines are well situated before a predetermined scoring window is essential in the world of airline investing.

Machi Koro has been one of our favorite new games and the first expansion is out! Machi Koro: Harbor Expansion adds 13 new cards such as airports and seaports which will gain value based on the number of planes or ships they hold.

From the same designer and artist as Machi Koro, we now have Diamonsters! Diamonsters is a game where everyone starts with the same hand of cards and each player is trying to be the first to collect three of the same monster or get five diamonds. Each monster has a different value, so cheap monsters will be in high demand. This game for 2-6 players is easy to pick up but offers tons of strategy.

The Staufer Dynasty is a euro game where positioning is everything. You are accompanying the king, and over the course of five turns, you'll be performing actions such as sending envoys and taking seats of office in various regions. Based on where the king is, you might be spending more time performing otherwise simple tasks. History buffs and euro game lovers alike will enjoy The Staufer Dynasty.

Dino Dice is a push-your-luck dice game where you will try to find dinosaurs. A re-theme of the popular Zombie Dice, this game is sure to delight any dinosaur enthusiast.

Originally only available as a promotional item, the Artful Dodger for the Firefly board game is finally being sold as an expansion.

Star Realms: Crisis is the newest set of four expansions for Star RealmsFleets & Fortresses, Heroes, Bases & Battleships, and Events all add new cards which will expand your game of space warfare!

Pokémon Black & White Legendary Treasures is also back in stock.

Speaking of black and white, Domino sets are back in stock this week as well.

Games added to our demo library this week are: Heat, Diamonster, Machi Koro: The Harbour

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Arrivals 1/6/15 to 1/12/15

by Alexander "Buttons" Smith

There have been a lot of cool new games entering our doors this holiday season, and now that things have calmed down a bit, we finally can tell you about the recent arrivals!

The long-awaited Star Wars tactical board game, Imperial Assault, is here! Two to five players will maneuver though the modular map in an epic campaign and a head to head mode. Rebels, bounty hunters and the Imperial Army are all well represented in this cool tactical miniatures game.

Roll for the Galaxy is a 6-sided take on Race for the Galaxy filled with tough decisions on how to allocate your resource dice. Players will use dice to determine which phases will be used in a round, or change what they've rolled by giving up on less desirable actions.

In Tortuga, you are a swashbuckling buccaneer looking to safely bury away your treasure. Players roll dice to see if you'll be engaging enemies, hiring new crew mates or moving closer to the shores of the legendary pirate island. Burying your treasure is good, but taking and burying the treasure of your rivals is even better!

In Johari, you are a merchant in the city of Jaipur and you are competing against your fellow merchants in order to amass the most wealth. Sell your wares to jewelers and noblemen, but make sure you don't have fake jewels when you get hit with an inspection!

No Thanks! is not a new game, but we do finally have it back in stock. This is a favorite classic of many gamers where players can avoid taking high-value cards by paying chips...but you only have so many chips and you'll want to save them for the highest value cards. Picking up cards isn't all bad though, because you'll get the chips paid by everyone who refused the card!

Linko! is a game where you will try to play out sets of same-number cards for points. Opponents can steal away cards by playing a set of their own with the same number of cards, but with a higher value. Players who can't get rid of all their cards will lose points, so you'll have to make sure you're not biting off more than you can chew!

Thirteen factions are all fighting over territories in the pocket-sized Tiny Epic Kingdoms. Each faction has their own technology tree to invest in as they sling spells and cross swords in this aptly named area control game for 3-5 players.

Heat is another awesome game by local game designer Dave Chalker. You have three rounds to draft the perfect heist: you'll be stealing money, laying low, and then stealing some more! Watch the cards you pass, because trying to pull a big bank job at the same time as someone else will leave you both without a payday.  

Paperback is a Scrabble-like deck building game where you must make words from your cards in order to buy points and more letters so you can make better words! A great wordy strategy game. 

Longhorn is a two-player cattle rustling game where you take turns stealing cows and moving to the next pasture. A very strategic game where you will need to always stay one step ahead of the law and the other cattle rustler.

The reprint of The Duke has finally arrived. This head-to-head strategy game is similar to chess, but with a twist. After moving, every wooden tile piece will flip, giving them a new movement pattern!

If you thought quilting wasn't fun, Patchwork will turn your world upside down. A great two-player game where players must choose between covering more of their grid with oddly shaped pieces or moving ahead on the board to take currency in the form of buttons. This is certainly a great economy and spatial reasoning game.

Downwood Tales expands on the original Mice and Mystics adventure with a new storyline and new challenges. Great for the adventure-mouse looking for something new!

For Smallworld fans, we have three new mini-expansions; Spider's Web, Leaders of Smallworld, and Royal Bonus. Spider's Web adds Ice Witches, Skags, and Slingmen races and the Copycat, Lava, and Soul-touch powers while Royal Bonus adds Fauns, Igors, and Shrubmen races and Fireball, Aquatic, and Behemoth powers. Leaders adds Leader tokens, which act as a bonus token but can also be captured. 

Our selection of wooden puzzles has also grown recently. The Double Revolving Century, the Devil's Chessboard, Five Fit, and the Sudoku Cube have all joined the ranks of Labyrinth's extensive collection of wooden mind-benders.

Living card game aficionados will be happy to hear that we have new expansion packs for Android: Netrunner, Warhammer 40K: Conquest,  and Doomtown: Reloaded. Datapack, Warpack, or Saddlebag; we have the newest cards for your favorite LCGs!

Speaking of LCGs, we now have sleeves with art from your favorite Android: Netrunner cards! Now you can sleeve your decks with Pop-up Window, Inside Job, Deep Red, Wotan, Posted Bounty, and Snare! 

The Collector Box for the Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men makes for a great storage solution for your favorite heroes. The box holds up to 300 dice and cards and comes with a promotional card, four foil packs, and special sidekick and action dice.

Lastly, we have a new line of gaming accessories at Labyrinth. With Crit Success Dice Rings, gaming on your finger is no longer a pipe dream. Right now, we have rings that track your score (or Life Points, or days until your birthday, or any other useful number) from 1-100 as well as a randomizer ring for games of Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock. Soon we hope to add d20 rings to our selection!