Friday, May 15, 2015

New Arrivals 5/12/2015 to 5/18/2015

by Alexander "Pyramid of Minions" Smith

Write yourself into myth and legend in Elysium! Players take on the role of demigods looking to join Zeus's pantheon of gods, but in order to do so they must gain the favor of the gods by writing their own legends. There are several "suits" of cards based on various Greek Gods (Zeus, Athena, Hephaestus, etc.) and you must draft a powerful set (a la Rummy sets and runs). The trick is knowing when to transfer them to your Elysium. Transferring cards means you will no longer get any special benefits for them, but if they are not in your Elysium by the end of the game you will not get points for them. Become a figure of legend and work your way into the realm of the gods when you play this mythological game. 

Defend the dream forest by drafting and placing animals, fountains and trees in Sylvion. The core gameplay is similar to a tower defense game where you must place cards in rows to defend the forest against the oncoming waves of fire elementals. Build your defenses and disrupt your foes to last the longest and win! This is the much anticipated sequel to Onirim.

In Three Cheers for Master, you control a squad of evil minions bent on... entertainment? Your dark master has conquered the world, but has grown weary so it is up to you to cheer him up. Cheer for your master by  creating pyramids of minions to please him. Or you can throw minions at other players' pyramids to knock them down. With minions such as memorabilia-obsessed "Swagamemnon" or the explosives technician, "Seafor", you'll be sure to crack a smile in this fun and wacky game. Really, what could be better than minion cheerleaders?

Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Rumble at Castle Tentakill is a standalone expansion to Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre. With more characters and spells to add to the fray, you'll be able to have even more crazy interactions that will bring your foes to their knees.

Brandon the Brave is a game for kids who want to embark on their very own hero's quest. Lay down tiles and journey across the map to fight witches, giants and dragons to prove yourself as a knight of the realm. Brandon the Brave is a wonderful, simple, tile-laying game that rewards thinking ahead as well as fosters imagination in young ones.

Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 14 is here and that means now you can play with new ships and cards such as the U.S.S. Pegaus and the Kyana Prime. New upgrades, new crew cards and new solo adventures keep the vibrant universe of Star Trek all that more interesting.

Star Wars Armada has finally received its first wave of expansions! Add a Victory-Class Star Destroyer, Assault Frigate Mark II, Imperial Fighter Squadrons and Rebel Fighter Squadrons to your fleet for new tactics and deeper gameplay.

Adventure DC is an instant scavenger hunt for your family and friends. Take a handful of cards and go around our nation's capitol to find landmarks, take silly pictures and collect trinkets from around town. After you're done, meet back up to share a meal and your stories...this is actually a game rule.

While not new to the store, Discworld: Ankh-Morpork has been one of our favorite games and we've just gotten it back in! Even if you haven't read any of the books by Terry Pratchett (may he rest in peace) that this game is based on, the combination of area control and secret agendas make this game a blast to play.

New Demos: Elysium, Brandon the Brave

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