Friday, May 22, 2015

New Arrivals 5/19/2015 to 5/25/2015

by Alexander "Modern Master" Smith

Dohdles! is a clay-based guessing game designed by famed Settlers of Catan creator, Klaus Teuber. It's a remake of Barbarossa (1988). Players will select a number of words that they will try to express through small clay models. You will then have your opponents guessing what you've made, so artistic ability isn't always the deciding fact being deliberately vague is good too! Find the right mix of hints and clues to keep your opponents guessing, and score big when they get it right!

 Cacao is a neat little tile-placement game where you'll be placing jungles, cacao fields and markets around your village in order to gather cacao beans and deliver them to temples as tribute. You'll have to manage your workers as they gather water or worship at the temple because having them tied up in one place can lead to a much smaller harvest and less delicious cacao for the gods!

Heralded by many as one of the best games by famous game designer, Reiner Knizia, Tigris & Euphrates has been reprinted by Fantasy Flight! It is a tile-laying and civilization-building board game without peer. Players will build up their agriculture, commerce, politics and religion, but will be scored on their weakest category and so must do so evenly. Connect with other players' tiles to interact and knock out opposing leaders in this classic favorite. 

The third Dresden Files role-playing game book, Dresden Files: The Paranet Papers is out and now you can fill your games with new characters and send them to new places. Think you've got the know-how and equipment to take down the Red Court? Want to investigate strange happenings in South America? Take a look at Dresden Files: The Paranet Papers, but never know who's listening...

Modern Masters 2015 is the new premium set for Magic: the Gathering. Filled with powerful cards from Magic's history for the Modern format, Modern Masters 2015 combines a great drafting format with valuable cards that any Magic player would love to have.

New Demos: New York 1901, Arboretum

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