Thursday, May 7, 2015

New Arrivals 5/5/2015 to 5/11/2015

by Alexander "Bad Cop" Smith

Bamboleo is a game all about keeping the balance as you remove wooden objects from a teetering platter. The larger the object you remove, the more points you'll get...but beware, taking too much off can cause the platter to tip and fall. Press your luck and grab as much as you can without letting everything come tumbling down in this great dexterity game.

Lanterns is a set collecting game where you'll try to gather sets of different colored lanterns by placing down tiles and taking a lantern cards based on matching colors and colors closest to you. Your opponents will also be taking cards as well, so keep that in mind when placing those tiles!

Lords of Scotland puts you in the middle of a power struggle where each player is a Scottish Lord recruiting allies and sending them into battle. Each skirmish consists of five rounds of choosing between sending in more troops or stockpiling for future battles. At the end of each skirmish, players will take supporters based on how well they did in battle. Gather enough supporters to your cause and you win!

Good Cop Bad Cop is a game where each player is a police officer and your department is riddled with corruption. Some of your fellow officers have the same ideals as you do, but others do not and you don't know who they are. Your job is to investigate the other officers, find the opposing leader and coordinate a strike against them to rid your department of dirty cops...or goody two-shoes if you're one of the bad ones.
Decorate your refrigerator or other metal surfaces with Washington DC Magnetic Poetry! With 200 words about Washington, D.C., you'll be able to express your creativity with verses about monuments and liberty for all to see.

Kingsburg is back! It's a really neat dice rolling, worker placement game where you have to invest your influence wisely to curry the favor of the king. Dice represent your influence in the realm, and you'll have to decide how you want to spend it. Will you go for a military victory or become the master of trade? If you want more, Kingsburg: to Forge a Realm adds five modules that add more options to this already expansive game.

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, its...DC Superhero Mad Libs! Create your own wacky stories featuring all your favorite DC heroes and villains. Will Batman make good use of his trusty bat-sofa? Can Superman's newest power, jello-vision save the day? You'll be laughing out loud when you play this super fun game.

Check out some of the coolest animals with the new Punch-out & Play Animals by Eric Carle. These beautifully drawn and colored animals are a cinch to put together, all you have to do is punch them out and fit the slots together. These animals are great for manual dexterity and they look marvelous.

Pokémon: Roaring Skies is the brand-new expansion for the Pokémon Collectible Card Game. This set is filled with even more dragon-type pokémon and cards like Double Dragon Energy that will keep your dragons soaring! We have boosters, Elite Trainer boxes and the two Intro Decks; Aurora Blast and Storm Rider.

We've received a whole bunch of new RPGs this week! Golden Sky Stories, Night Witches, World Wide Wrestling, Infestation, and Carolina Death Crawl have all joined our collection of roleplaying games. If you're interested in the history of roleplaying games, you can check out Designers & Dragons, the first volume of a history chronicling the early days of roleplaying design and culture.

New Demos: Lanterns 

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